Apple Store announced it will close all branches World-Wide except China . Apple Store in China had closed all of its 42 branches since early February as Corona Virus began in its own Wuhan, but is now all open as the nation shows signs of recovery . following this the ONLY Apple Store which is NOT On-Line in South Korea located at Garosugil closed temporarily from March 15 2020 Sunday.

the first Official Apple Store in Korea opened in January 27 2018 Saturday after all sorts of rumours for almost two years from land-lot prospect and realtor lease contract leak . as for its location : they have chosen a narrow two-way alley at the entrance to the posh GangNam District South of the Han River which literally means “South of the River”, where independent import apparel brands and fore-most Western fusion restaurants are crammed into a maze of more alleys spidering-out from this North-South axis alley (roughly between two subway stations ShinSa Exit 8 and ApGuJeong Exit 3, on SEOUL Line 3 – start-out from any of these subway exits then follow the crowd and Thou Shall See the Light – NOT that everyone is out to purchase the latest iPhone but it is such a popular area). all-that instead of a huge building in the man-made island where inCheon international Airport is built, nor on the outskirts of Jeju island now increasingly bought-up by Chinese who can get investment residency .


– Korea Tech BLog

( April 18 Saturday update ) as Apple Store around the World has plans to gradually re-open its branches from May, Apple Korea announced yesterday it will re-open the ONLY brick-and-motar store in Korea from today, but mostly in service – meaning, repair and refunds only . but most of the crowd that gathered today, some from far-away complained in finding they cannot shop-around nor purchase yet, thus they seem to have allowed purchase from 2pm (Korean people under current overtly-democratic regime has learnt to stand-ground-and-insist will gradually yield, as demonstrators in front of the American Embassy as well as the Blue House Presidential Residence shows). still it is open with reduced hours from noon until 8pm, instead of the original 10am’til 10pm and ofcourse you have to wait in line as to queue-up to follow social distancing inside as well as just out of the store //