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while my Reality for the infinity Stones are Rolex Day-Date precious stones series, the EndGame of Marvel Cinematic Universe is Time-proven Love, pure Love – Korea Tech BLog

introducing the known-Universe’s FiRST Spoiler-FULL Review of The Avengers EndGame movie D+1 at dawn :

[ CHOICES – Which Way Will You Take ? ]

I have vainly tried to win Time by trying to get CGV movie theatre’s latest curve-screen and sound effect (but NOT Time) SphereX seats on the first release-date throughout South Korea, I was only able to get late-night.. and as my Avengers-greed would NOT allow for this, even in the midst of the most important event of perhaps my whole family-tree : I opted for SoundX Comfort Seat (like a chairman’s leather-cushion arm-chair) instead .

[ The Power of internet Forums ]

yes right from the time half of your heroes turned to dust : we all knew time-travel was the only way to bring-back lost heroes, and followers of suddenly-shrinking-then-growing Ant Man sequels knew-further : there are time vortexes within the Quantum Realm.. messy-complicated but iron Man Tony Stark (incredibly, I mean : how do you pin-point an exact target moment in time !!!? AND space Jesus) figures it out – the only thing is that he might have to give-up the cushy life with his daughter (which he has to in the end).

as much as in the .Net-connected World-Wide-Web today where no new artist can go undetected to die in hunger, die-hard fans came-up with quite on-the-spot plot theories from ensuing movie Trailers (giant Thanos’ gauntlet damaged after the deadly “snap !” and his body-armour hung on a scare-crow there-after : hinting retirement), give-away miniature model kits (common time-travel uniform outfits among Avengers members : showing they’re all going-back in Time) and actors’ casting-calls (for a big funeral : so at least one big character is going to die) the surprising out-come rounded-up to almost 80% of these predicted-scenarios come release-day April 24 Wednesday 2019.

* * * SPOiLER AHEAD * * *

[ elusif moments – The Tree of Life, in kin ]

as Marvel Cinematic Universe gears-down into going-gone-then-back-and-again Back-to-the-Future sequels, fate cannot help but grant touching moments when our main characters come into contact with our past loved-ones :

  • iron Man Tony Stark bumps into his bigger-than-life Howard Stark who smilingly says : there’s nothing he won’t do for his up-coming baby (Tony-to-be)
  • Captain America Steve Rogers suddenly catches a glimpse of his missed date-dance Peggy Carter right in front of him (and after saving the World again at great cost, decides to go back.. and stay in this Past with the Love of his Life)


* * * SPOiLER WARNING * * *

[ Sheer SCALE ]

so finally the remaining Avengers who didn’t turn into dust, divide into three teams to retrieve six infinity Stones from when and where they can – since they know now, in the Future – and Tony Stark makes an iron-Man Gauntlet to put each of them into collectively, where the Hulk is still the only one powerful enough to put-it-on and “snap !” his own fingers . so-far so-good, but just as this is unfolding : old-day second-daughter Nebula (who slips into this Time acting as her new-day version) opens Tony Stark’s present-day time-machine, to usher-in the whole of the Giant Thanos’ army to this present-day : where you are lost (in translation of the whole MCU) in trying to figure out how in even more-than fourteen-million six-hundred and five possible scenarios can the Avenger or even the World survive THiS ???!!!

where soon-after (and even though you knew this was comin’ just from imminent fans’ similar theories.. Jesus you cannot grasp the scale of this up-comin’ scene no matter I had 14,000,605 pictures to describe it): The Sorcerers’ time-portals open one-by-one.. to eventually fill the whole screen (and in retrospect you know you want to see this movie again in the largest screen existent to this date) you now awe at the enfolding scenes where all the lost, vanished and unknown righteous heroes and armies come into this World, Jesus .


[ The BiG End-Question ]

and for the price (i.e., Life) of my TWO favourite Avengers super-heroes, was it all worth it ?

  1. ah, the ever-elusif death-planet Vormir, where you have to sacrifice the one you love to retrieve the Soul Stone as “the Soul holds a special place among the infinity Stones.. you might say it is a certain wisdom . to ensure that whoever possesses it understands its power : the Stone demands a sacrifice . in order to take the Stone, you must lose that you Love.”
    although even adopted : fatherly-love between The Giant Thanos and elder daughter Gamora was understandable, but now Hawkeye-turned-Ronin Clint Barton with Black Widow Natasha Romanoff yonder here and can you call their relationship “Love”? instead of comradry to fight-over who wants to sacrifice him/herself ??? I think they pushed the story here into drama and she lying dead at the bottom of the cliff there just tears your Marvel-heart apart .
  2. then all-Korea’s favourite super-heroe who started the mania iron Man Tony Stark . you see him (rarely in a super-heroe movie) happily married with a daughter.. hesitating to return Time when he has it all.. to save those that lost some, much or even all . and it is understandable he can conjure-up an iron Man-glove to insert the second-try retrieved infinity Stones now from the Past, but not-quite figured in the movie how he can pin-point exact times in the Past when each Stone was available, not-to mention where . it is only when he takes-back his own iron-Man Guntlet to “snap !” his finger in-turn but couldn’t with-stand its surging power then eventually dies.. that you cannot believe the very-own star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the one to go now A-men

just as each team of super-hero appearing out of that Sorcerers’ time-hole was amazing one-after-another, each of’em in black mourning attire at the duo’s funeral brings back memories of how they were when they were all a team.. so my last advice would be to go see this movie with your most loved-one, as it was Love pure-Love I felt as I exited the exciting movie theatre .