No it didn’t begin at MidNight but early reservation for Avengers EndGame began during business hours today April 16 Tuesday – for the eagerly-awaited sequel of the dumb-found ending of infinity War movie – to be released next Week April 24 Wednesday throughout South Korea .

and you know somehow this Avengers series fore-most iron-Man is enormously popular especially among younglings here, although its modern culture is quite different from American comics nor even Japanese manga, so popular time-slots albeit early evening on April 24 Wednesday at new theatre-brands are almost taken at the end of the day .

what I mean by new theatre-brands are (as children of this techno-land gets bored easily with now-proven effects) latest special-effects halls – be it enveloping sound, visual dimensions or motion and odor plus water-spray etc., specific to its theatre-brand such as CGV, Lotte Cinema and MegaBox which wasn’t noticeable at the time of infinity War .

and in the NOW of-the-moment the cutting-edge halls (to-be showing Avengers EndGame) are :

  • CGV : (while last runner-up was ScreenX and Starium) SphereX
  • Lotte Cinema : (while last runner-up was SuperPlex and SuperPlex G) Super S
  • MegaBox : MX and Balcony M (which is a SCAM as they are only TWO seats in a miniature hall costing a whopping W100,000 each //

so take-note of the TWO World’s First, each daringly offered by CGV and Lotte Cinema :

spherex_04x490 spherex_01x490 spherex_03x490
CGV’s Sphere X is the World’s FIRST coordination of THREE curves where the Screen, Sound and Chair is curved for three-dimensional experience – just in time for the first photograph of an existing Black-Hole to prove Einstein was right ! and ONLY TWO CGV Theatres so-far in all of South Korea : each at West and East end of the Capital of SEOUL at YeongDeungPo and CheonHo .

Lotte Cinema’s Super S is supposed to be the sharpest-LED movie theatre screen in da whole-wide World to-date ! but-again the only draw-back is that this screen cannot be even close to big, as the three major theatre companies in Korea are showing..


– Avengers never-ends,  Korea Tech BLog