as Greece is literally the cradle of our civilization, and this movie sequel portrays some of its mighty battles in technology then as I am an incurable sucker for romance as this movie is stylized : ponder which movie theatre to opt for ..
opening March 6th Thursday 2014 throughout South Korea, I tried to experience different video as well as audio versions offered in varying theatre branches – not to say it is a real competition for they quite different and in tiers . CGV is almost the most out-going with latest technology, while Lotte Cinema comes a late second perhaps only to make enough money, then MegaBox is the most wide-spread with some of its threatres re-modeled from the first generation of classic movie theatres in South Korea after the Korean War .

fore-most : from the year 2013 you make reservations, pay AND get virtual ticket right from your iPhone 5/5S . now in deciding which version and theatre branch to pick :

  1. Lotte Cinema offers normal, Sound Ex, 3D, Real 3D and Dolby Atmos 3D
    but the latter cutting-edge enhanced-audio system option is only offered in ChungJu at its shopping complex on West-end, so go for it if you are deep in-land in the middle of South Korea (just North of DaeJeon).
  2. MegaBox offers Digital, 3D and 3D Atmos
    where the latter Dolby audio option is offered only around SEOUL metropolis and satellite city boundaries in a total of 4 cinemas quite far apart from each other . ofcourse the one most central to the Capital is in the massive shopping complex of COEX Exhibition Centre linked underground from Subway Line 2 SamSung Station Exit 6 .
  3. then ofcourse the pleasurable CGV has it in either 2D, 2D Gold Class, 3D or iMAX 3D
    where for the largest screen you head out to WangSimNi or the second largest far West at SangAm – base of 2002 FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament !


matinees are cheaper and Weekends & special seats more but general CGV prices are :
2D W9000; 3D SoundX & Atmos W12,000; 3D iMAX W16,000 per person and W26,000 for SweetBox couples seat set for two

OMG ! ample seats available the day-before so happy grande sea battle scenes 😉

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[ CGV YongSan 3D iMAX ] the theatre was half-empty along the sides after business hours, even though release-day was towards the Weekend . and the second year when many enter with virtual ticket loaded on iPhone CGV app : clerk attendants are now careful to check it really is a paid ticket on an app instead of one merely screen-captured from one .

  1. iMAX : I have mentioned over, that iMAX is best viewed in 2D where you are aware of its grandure, where as 3D takes it away : focusing on how deep your perspective is -_-
  2. 3D : yesss what a movie to watch in 3D, with punches, arrows and blood splash constantly plundering throughout the movie ! the glasses are large enough for prescription eye-glass wearers to put on on top of it, but as is plastic instead of fine optics : will get a headache by the end of the movie -_-

and the height of 3D effect comes on this scene as next-in-reign King Xerxes declares war to its people : you get that nausea while Tom Cruise climbed his impossible Mission up on Burj Khalifa sky-scraper in Dubai !
300_rise_of_an_empire- (6) 

[ The Movie Sequel ] you enter knowing this story takes place before, during AND after the contents of original 300, and the movie kindly narrates this from the start .

  • [↑] the comic-book-like rendering – although with 3D perspective – is joyfully much alike with its preceding 300 !
  • [↑] many viewers and reviews say the prequel was the better, but as I am a sea-faring person than a cliff-man : I like this much better (and how I dare) comparable to sea-battle scenes from classic master-pieces like Ben-Hur (1959) and Cleopatra (1963) 0o0
  • [△] as the movie proceeds you soon realize how big a star-character can effect the whole production . Sullivan Stapleton cannot match up to even half of the charismatic roar Gerard Butler was famous for on the original 300 – repeatedly ! although he tries to make up for with Greek philosophy .. Oh, come-on on some other movie please ~ I see him better apt leading a movie version of the hit television series LOST 😉
  • [△] but immediately there-after : you are struck with feminine-power fragranced with Eva Green ! and immediately after her death : baton-touched to Lena Headey – hey, they never told us she could fight like that on the first movie ?!
  • [↓] the only down-side for me was because I yearn for might action more-over in 3D, without American Psycho blood-baths . this movie has several – even close-up scenes of chopped-off heads dangling almost as often as savage pull-out heart-eating scenes on Taiwanese Warriors of the Rainbow : Seediq Bale (2011) yechhh

the script repeatedly accentuates the FREE will of the people, but you are brain-washed with muscle and blood by the end of the movie . so-much-so that after the movie when grocery-shopping at eMart (thank-fully open until mid-night) under-ground of the massive YongSan KTX bullet Train Station AND iPark Mall multi-shopping complex : I tried to evade the red-meat section duh