First, there are theatrical endeavours where that try to hook audience-on with pure curiosity . some go beyond, like 2001 A Space Odyssey back in 1968 and even recently in 2014 interStellar . but others reveal to nil, like X-Files and Lost and even try to make-believe the story rotates for ever and ever . the end-difference between the two, is that you have lots to think about there-after on the earlier, while on the latter you ponder what it was . and this belongs to the latter, as they try to usher-in any what-ever more factors they could to make this cocktail stand-out, like the passage of time and barely making the link with unconscious awareness of it duh .

What follows from the very beginning to the latter quarter of the movie is slow, dull emptiness – quite suiteable for a first-date movie as you would be thinking more about your partner next to you .

Then it should be taken for granted that the higher, advanced race should be the one who already has, or at least try to unravel communication with the lesser counter-part, No ?

But those who have nothing, or to offer try to hide it as if there is much more, and notoriously a whole World beyond .. as here they throw you a curve-ball from the beginning : the translator’s future umphh . and they show you they do not intend to reveal much soon after, by not showing you the first landing scenes but instead news coverage from the classroom to abroad .

and because it is an alien movie, better note how they look and what space-ships they’ve flown-in on . their nick-name Abbott and Costello is kinda the most apt.term of things here, as they are indeed the duo in black-and-white . lesser interesting is that their giant-form is similar to an organic War of the Worlds 2005 landing craft .

ofcourse then their tall-egg-shaped spacecraft is mere organic form of a sort-of 3-D revolutionary game : HomeWorld 1999 – whose year is the very title of another classic sci-fi TV series //