The first game in BioHazard series to continue comparable to Final Fantasy in Japan began 1996, where it was titled Resident Evil in Western countries, to be followed by motion picture series of the same name from 1997 . it all began in a secret science laboratory dug deep under Raccoon City, called The Hive operated by the powerful Umbrella Corporation monopoly . an experimental deadly virus literally broke loose ! to swiftly turn the whole of Earth into a World of flesh-eating zombies ..
And it is here we return for supposedly The Final Chapter, to stop the Corporation from releasing its airborne variant of the ever-spreading T-virus, which will wipe-out the rest of the few remaining survivors on the surface of Earth .

[ The High-Point ]
  • characters, weapons and story mostly follow true to its original game !
  • although the monsters as well as weapons to kill it, are the key points of the game : amazing scenery such as converted tanker vessel ships and destroyed White House were the main attraction of its movie versions, however its previewed unfolding scenario story – mostly necessary to unravel the story so-far – is the reason to see this movie .


[ Low-Points ]
  • I consider actors and production of this series overtly B-movie material simply because it is so . more-over, expecting Hollywood Oscars from a hit game series would be to expect too much in real life, as the movie Company of Heroes 2013 is B-quality too, but so fun just the same //
  • although well-orchestrated in Hollywood fashion : its continuous cheek-to-cheek fighting makes-up for 80% of this movie sequence and we have to thank it is the final episode if it is really going to be, as they took considerable time to explain the whole story of preceding sequels this time – Thankfully, swiftly all in its main character’s manly voice – where other alternatives might have been more apt .
  • continuous battle and cloning has been the trade-mark of this series, and although I understand the former : as in the game you constantly have to kill, kill and kill amidst gathering items – the same here in this movie while you really get sick of the latter, as it begins to effect the whole story now //


* * * * * SPOILER WARNING * * * * *

[ The Story ]
  1. The welcome first narration in the prelude of this movie, explain how the miraculous virus was created for the creator’s daughter, early-aging with disease
  2. but was soon known to have disastrous side-effects . so it’s inventor tried to compromise it, but his business partner killed him .


* * * * * SPOILER ALERT * * * * *

[ A.i. Artificial intelligence ]
  1. This partner created a super-computer named The Red Queen with a halo-vision of the creator’s daughter, to control and protect their under-ground facility : The Hive . this computer has been blocking the main female character : Alice’s efforts all throughout previous sequels, in an effort to contain the virus break-out .
  2. but in this movie the computer imagery appear, amid ensuing escape scenes – to explain Alice has to return to The Hive, as the computer itself is programmed NOT to harm the Corporation .


[ inCorporation ]
  1. exactly five explanations of this unraveling story happen throughout this movie : first two grouped in the beginning, another just after the mid-part, then the latter two grouped towards the end climax (of the story, as fighting-action is constant).
  2. and it is in the latter two, that we learn again the importance of Business Lesson 101 : Corporate OwnerShip Stakes – as the creator’s daughter Alicia, had owned half of the company all-this-time – which will come to save its righteous character, and the movie in the end .


* * * * * DANGER ! DANGER ! WILL ROBINSON * * * * *

[ Alice ]
  1. in the original game : a hand-ful of lead characters in-turn take center-stage in each proceeding series . however in the movie sequels, it is one of them : Alice who continue to lead, although some is a clone of hers . (I have already mentioned this cloning business happens so random and often throughout the series, it really is not even funny any more – least to say mucho confusing)
  2. and Yes we saw this coming as it has happened before, but this Alice is not a real human but the clone of the creator’s daughter Alicia, who has now aged but alive – having cured of her aging disease .
  3. thus she appears in the end to save humanity and the movie series as a whole as it is the original her, who has been uploading to the computer the truth : that this partner has deliberately set loose the virus, which had been believed earlier to have been leaked by accident //
  4. and finally about the lead who plays this main character . basically, the image played in the original game is more soft, strengthened by weapons .


many pro’s and con’s above on this movie, and the series on this BLog, but in all fairness : I Thank the writer/director/producer, staff and actors for bringing such wonderful game onto the screen, albeit if not for real

– Q.E.D., Korea Tech BLog –