as Typhoon Khanun weakens while crossing Central Korea, a Dark Knight Rises onto the most technically thus visually-advanced super-movie sceens across the Peninsula, this time with a lush kitten and three mighty vehicles wumph

Official Release July 19th Thursday, four movie version will be showing in CGV Theatres throughout South Korea .

  • Normal
  • Digital
  • iMAX 2D (just meaning it is NOT 3D)
  • Surround Sound Digital


if you can, the ultimate of the above choice would be iMAX 2D, and knowing so CGV iMAX Theatres with largest screens are virtually all sold-out until mid-next Week -_- yes, even though showing starts early 7 a.m. and they’ve plugged-in a last-viewing at twilight 2:30 a.m. !!! meaning, you gotta have breakfast when you come out of the Theatre 0o0

so every-one is out to get a swash off the iMAX experience in a series of a movie known to punch your stomach with sound and action awe, for it hasn’t been like this for a while .. NOT even prior to Avatar . here in the order of largest screens playing ‘The Dark Knight Rises’:

  1. WangSimNi at Seoul-East is the first one to get fully booked – but only on iMAX masterpieces like this, for although an old train station AND subway hub, AND a post-Modern shopping complex built on-top : these are minor lines and you could rarely get a taxi cab when a block-buster movie ends -_-
  2. other-wise YongSan at Seoul-West is the most popular, as it is formed with a cluster of mammoth shopping outlets and most accessible with many modes of traffic including an always-ample line of taxi cabs,
  3. then quite-far even by Metropolitan region-standards : SangAm at the nostalgically-exiting World Cup Stadium on the Western outskirts of Seoul, is rarely sold-out, except for this occasion . meaning, you can get a few corner seats on 7 a.m. Matinee or 2 a.m. Night-Owl show-times -_-

( WangSimNi screen is a good 1/4 larger than YongSan, while screen-size between YongSan and SangAm is miniscule )

the next-best-but-quite-lame alternative would be Surround Sound – which has ample seats left even on opening day – but from my experience on The Avengers : not worth it for sound effect is confusingly subtle in Globally action-packed scenes, so go for the larger iMAX screen which gives more cognitive impact .



[ iMAX 2D ] at CGV Theatres in South Korea, from West and clock-wise :
expect acceptable seats with modest viewing gone, when less than 1/3 of total seats are available – which is so for the next 10 days at CGV theatres with larger iMAX screens



[ Surround Sound Digital ] only offered in TWO locations and in the Capital of Seoul :


[ Exterior Links ] about a few mammoth multi-shopping complex experience where the largest iMAX screen theatres are located in the Korean Peninsula ! again from West going clock-wise



[ FAQ ] Korea Tech BLog’s very-own tips for viewing ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in South Korea :

[Q] I still don’t get it : what is the difference between this Normal, Digital, iMAX 2D and Surround Sound Digital ?

    • Normal is shown on film reels at older theatres in the most remote regions,
    • while Digitized on newer theatres,
    • and iMAX 2D IS the iMAX Experience, just that most enthusiasts are hyped-up about the over-rated 3D,
    • then Surround-Sound Digital is the same as Digital, but with enhanced multi-dimension audio effects coordinated at the playing theatre,

[Q] is there any way I can get a seat this Week at any larger iMAX theatre ?

    • it is now a nuissance to keep calling and re-loading your web-page, so check every-other minute on your CGV Apps installed on your iPhone, for a portion of early reservists are constantly changing seats . the movie-buff psyche goes that you want a better seat, so you will find a so-so seat now-and-then, whose original owner opted-out for a prime-seat 😉
    • if you have to use a web-browser use CGV’s mobile site than their Official website requiring you to install another cumbersome SilverLight duh
    • and remember I-told-you-so on my earlier iMAX Experience linked on this Post : rear-half of corner seats (still within center block) are better than central front seats ~


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and remember : to live-up to the Dark Knight and CatWoman’s latest Sci-Fi gadget, fore-go on the paper ticket thing and reserve via iPhone Apps to carry it all through the theatre entrance 😉

– Korea Tech BLog, mid July 2012 –