AB001_640Like many aficionados of science fiction (not novels any-more, but movies mostly) my fascination began with an open-mouth awe at the open-space scene in 1968 2001 Space Odyssey then real inspiration with 1982 Blade Runner, so have the insight plus much to say about this sequel .

The over-all mood, unfolding story, flight machines and magnificent buildings smoothly continue right-on from the original movie – and how impressive is that? among all the sequels attempted intentionally in vain, just to make more money . in a Post-Modern, Millennium-way if I may dare say : perhaps even /better/ then the original (ofcourse it existing before in time).

[ CAST ]
  • Ryan Gosling as K : is just young-enough with about the right look of innocence, to pull this ensuing story-off as a sequel to Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard
  • Harrison Ford pops-out just as he did in the recent 2015 Star Wars Episode vii Force Awakens as aged Han Solo, thus giving the justification of a true sequel . but the problem as with William Shatner on Star Trek for-ever sequels : is that they all have the grinning know-all expression that there is no more universe to conquer or human-will to over-come any more .
  • Loren Peta is welcome as a re-borne Sean Young, almost as perfect in looks (mostly a muscle-actress though) and hope she has better personality as the original actress had a trashy mind-set shown early-on on any interviews and talk-shows .
  • Mackenzie Davis is also welcome with striking resemblance to young Daryl Hannah . her earlier acting as an aspiring young scientist in 2015 Martian is noteable .
  • and even though I am firmly against – nomatter how futile – the age of mutants and clones : may we dream we one will have even a holographic companion of Ana de Armas, as she appears in various fashionable form and size throughout the applaudable movie .


– I, never had a /real/ Summer Vacation, Korea Tech BLog –

p.s., as mush as we would want more Director’s Cut and Digitally-Enhanced perfection of classic movies, we end-up realizing the limit and it is sequels like this, that gives us further hope and leveled-up joy in being astonished at what new team-members armed with newer technology can do//