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it is a confusing time for die-hard Star Wars fans – its creator, the movie, its characters and by-products, as the saga continues but the spirit is gone .


is there nothing to combat old age, or find harmony in it ? does everything have to stop, be given-up once you have luckily realized your ultimate Dream ? but then, what else is to do except sell, in a material World ?

there was A NEW Hope, and we want it to continue . for ever . no-matter what . just like the changing designs of StormTrooper armour : add a few lines and put new colors here and there .

for in the end : it is human greed . why we go to amusement parks, even as grown adults . we know it is pure fantasy, but want to perceive it as real – as much as possible, even for a moment .


much like the immensely-enhanced mega-star-destroyer-cannon, capable of annihilating several planets in one dispersed-blow, which sucks-in energy from near-by Sun : the NEW supposed-Force will be fueled by immense desire of this enormous fan-base, thus what you will eventually see on some of the largest screens humans have been ever be able to erect, almost like the Tower of Babel – which there is actually one on the building in the Capital of a divided Peninsula, is expansed reflection of our very selves – although in more wonderfully multi-colors of the rainbow, as it will now pass through the fantasy prism of joyous amusement parks .

thus the new age of Foundation For Ever, from the early years of the Second Millennium – Korea Tech BLog


( End of March Update ) and so for the Original may have been creation of art from an obsessive college graduate, then sold for sheer money to an Empire again made of childhood dreams . then so the difference become so evident at the end-stage upon the consumer . for in the once, Land of the Morning Calm where now everything including Love and sex or the arrangement-of, may be had On-Line : the movie is available on every-other PAID download site suddenly as if an arrangement was made . now this is crisp BluRay material so no question it is no NEW Episodes of an epic to come, but mere themes in an amusement park ///