there are tank movies, then there are tank movies . same World-War ii back-drop, but what a difference ! from the nobly-aspiring clean-cut Patton released back in 1970 and now this righteous under-dog fleet of mere 4 tanks, which all perish in the end but a sole newbie -_- succumbed to a mighty power then, of an alternate people and machine .

WWii has retracted to back into fatherland Deutschland, where rag-tag but still-mighty tiger tanks and kid soldiers lurk ..

ofcourse my obsession as a one-sixth scale military action figure collector and plastic scale model hobbyist count-in on such a movie . when you see a classic WWii military tank borne of quite a different shape back when it was instigated along WWi, you see mighty guns extruding from a solid steady thick can . but inside : operators have to eat and live-in for hours – and much cramped than submarines shown in another genre of popular movies like Das Boot 1981 and U-571 2000.
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great sound and action and too bak technically-generous Southern Korean movie theatres don’t offer 4DX (with motion simulation) aside from mere SoundX from CGV at their single location in Yoido business island, but know all the three major battles depicted within are NOT historically realistic -_- as on scene 1.PAK 40 anti-tank canon shells would have been more accurate and destructive, 2.latter Sherman M4 tank models would have inflicted damage to a Tiger i and 3.how’d-da-hell except-in-a-Hollywood-movie does a crippled American tank survive even partially : a battalion of Waffen-SS infantry armed with many anti-tank Panzerfaust ?!

  1. Band of Brothers 2001
  2. A Bridge Too Far 1977
  3. Kelly’s Heroes 1970
  4. Battle of the Bulge 1965