( Updated April 27 2015 ) You can get enough information by simple search, concerning the type of memory used in iPhone 6 and Plus, where general situation differs among 16, 64 and 128GB capacity .

  • all 16GB are MLC’s, randomly mixed in 64GB, while all 128GB are TLC .
  • You will have to check a NEW iOS version by speed alone, where as a couple of easy apps are available – to check WITHOUT jail-breaking – usually two Weeks after a NEW iOS has been released .
  • even MLC’s are not all the same and differing by manufacturer, at least will effect re-value where Toshiba tests better even while Hynix is considered best over-all, then SanDisk .

as for those sold in South Korea : MLC and TLC seem to be mixed whether you purchase from the ONLY Official Apple Store which is On-Line or through local carriers like KT, SKT and LGT . over-all there are much more TLC’s produced on iPhone 6 and Plus, where MLC seem to increase by the end of 2014, but soon began to decrease from early 2015 . this has to do with whole-sale price, deliverable quantity and Apple’s strategy .


  1. a culture accustomed to foreign and insuing military-rule : Korean consumers had a submissive stance when purchasing at an open market until the eighties – thus once bought, it is yours even if you have been conned . this changed with the influx of Cable-TV shopping channels over the Millennium, which had to sell offering swift refunds or exchange – more-so those with enough investment run by conglomerates, but the whole system reverted to the old days as On-Line malls, even those larger ones as the land fell into continuous recession .
  2. add to this, popular foreign brands like Sony and Apple still get-by with obnoxious guide-lines for the benefit of the importer . thus it is much harder for Korean users get a refund or exchange simple due to the fact that their iPhone 6 or Plus turned-out to have TLC memory . one exception is the ONLY Official Apple Store in South Korea which is On-Line offering automatic refund within 30-days of purchase – but also the most expensive-by-far . so many users balk at the idea or question of MLC vs.TLC for they are stuck and will rather get their mind to peace even by kidding themselves it is all-right . but it is a happening fact that prices differ on re-sale (though not much), thus it does matter whether you have a MLC or TLC and which brand you ended-up with .
  3. a MLC will re-sell quickly at a slightly higher price than TLC on personal used markets :

Apple Korea’s Official Retail price of an unlocked iPhone 6 is W980,000 and Plus W1,110,000 where the cheapest going-rate of a neatly-used device with MLC memory is W700,000 and W830,000 respectively to-date (record from the most active used On-Line markets and forums on actually sold device the past Week mid-April 2015).

*there are quite a number of debates on this abroad as well as on local iPhone fan-sites as well as tech forums, and have appeared several times on general news . our intention is to merely convey local state so may not reply to any inquiries as well as comments .


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