Die Hard 1, 2 and 3 were viewable by High School students in South Korea,
while Die Hard 4 was for over 12 years old .

2013 installment of Die Hard 5 is rated R States-side
once here was initially prohibited for High School students (under 18) by Korea Media Rating Board, which over-seas motion picture ratings in South Korea .

after-which 20th Century Fox Korea clipped a few seconds ~ up to within a minutes’ worth – depending on whose story you believe – of visible physical harm OFF, to be re-rated as viewable by over-15 year olds . then released throughout South Korea and a handful of South-East Asian countries on February 6th – a full WEEK earlier than Official international release, probably in light of Lunar New Year’s Week-end . so they’re tweaking a bit of content as well as dates, to lure-in as much viewers as possible . thus vain is greed in place of pure art .

movie versions showing in South Korea :

  • normal
  • digital 2D
  • SoundX only in Yoido CGV, SEOUL
  • iMAX 2D
  • 4DX 2D
  • 4DX 2D SoundX only in CGV ChungDam Cine City, SEOUL



( March 10th Supplement ) non-the-matter, for this is one sequel NOT worth seeing, from a Die-Hard fan .

  1. unrealistic multi-auto-crashing violence where the main characters come-out without a scratch,
  2. far-fetched story-line pitting coincidence with covert strategy,
  3. periodical comedy so out-of-place, like taking casually on the cell phone in the midst of deadly chase, it makes the whole movie NOT even a video -_-


in short : a Hollywood scam-heist collecting money from previous sequels . but if you must see it : three points of note,

  1. the leading lady
  2. double-twist towards the last quarter into the movie
  3. and the PMC private military contractors’ gear at the last scene 😉