A Lunar NEW Years update to the original LG Optimus G Bundle Quad Beat EarPhone :

following its immense popularity since its original release merely three Month ago in October 2012 – in connotation that a power-ful earphone comparable to Monster Cable’s ‘Beats by Dr.Dre Tour Control Talk’ comes as an accessory to a smart-phone AND if you are lucky : could buy it alone at a fraction of Dr.Dre’s hefty W100,000+ price range, an enhanced model has just come out as a “Special Edition”. and while the former was sold in simple plastic wrapping deserving its bulk status, the latter now comes in full product box .

DSC00075lev640MonPAT-LG-Optimus-G-EarPhone-White-bulk-package-Korea-Tech-BLog 130210-11-LG-Optimus-G-Quad-Beat-EarPhone-Special-Edition-box-Korea-Tech-BLog 130210-11-LG-Optimus-G-Quad-Beat-EarPhone-Special-Edition-specs-Korea-Tech-BLog 130210-11-LG-Optimus-G-Quad-Beat-EarPhone-Special-Edition-compare-Korea-Tech-BLog 130210-11-LG-Optimus-G-Quad-Beat-EarPhone-Special-Edition-graph-Korea-Tech-BLog

so is it /really/ better ? NOT much, but they have opened-up the initial user reviews/complaints of peak high-tones and negligent bass .. thus, perfecting the ultimate dynamic earphone that can be had at a relatively cheap price : the highs are slightly lowered, with lows fuller still NOT to the limit of artificial over-kill (highs are bottles less while lows are opened more)

adding I myself have returned a ‘Beats by Dr.Dre Tour Control Talk’ suspicious, even though purchased from a reputable On-Line computer store, sound-aside : the finish between hubs and cords, further-more the mike direction was turned around -_- here comparing all four mentioned on this Post, in the order of my preference :

  1. LG Optimus G-bundled Quad Beat earphones : I’d give both Quad Beats a tie, because although the Special Edition below have filled the bass gap missing on the Original Quad Beat, you get tired after a while . so this is it for prolonged listening . without a doubt, users will be separated preferring one over the other //
  2. LG Optimus G-bundled Quad Beat Special Edition : ditto above, better yet – carry BOTH for choosing to music/surroundings 😉
  3. Apple EarPods bundled with iPhone 5 : choose this if you don’t want the stuffy in-ear feeling, with ample bass
  4. Apple ear-phones bundled with iPhone 3GS/4/4S : and good enough for all-around use .


and outer design-wise : the new Special Edition’s imprinted glossy-red LG logo deems the cute device a true bundle, so I prefer the non-colored logo on the Original Quad Beat, making the lines more fluid and sleek .



( note : the view and content of this review has changed several times around over a few Weeks, fitting various music apps on iPhone 5 and listening surroundings )