much has happened since Lego-bricky 34 years ago, so be on your way ~ yawn to the same-ol’repeating story, passe phrases AND re-borne liquid-metal-forming assassin robot .

but ofcourse you have to see the movie, especially if you opted-out on Jurassic World 2015 due to MERS panic, if NOT to welcome new rising Stars, although helplessly weak .


  • The Terminator Movie Character Year-Book ≫LiNK


* * * * * SPOILER WARNING * * * * *


” John is NOT humanity’s last Hope any more – he’s SkyNet’s “



future battle scenes between man and robot are always welcome, and even modern-day actions are quite blasting – although the bridge-drop scene already done in Final Destination 5 2011 and helicoptor chase around buildings in Blue Thunder 1983 . but then it leads to the series’ Never-Ending Producers’ wish-ful greed to redo things over and over again – to manipulate sequences when they’ve used-up crossing time-zones .

resulting fiasco is a confusing mix of Back-To-The-Future, Past, Present and any criss-cross in-between . such as : enemies are already awaiting for each time-traveler when each representatives return to 1984 like in the first original series . even a young Sarah Connor, the same-ol’shape-changing iron-core robot : this time dubbed on a Korean actor (just took the C-O-O-L out of former T-1000 played by Robert Patrick) and exact doubles popping-up every other scene .. making this already-confusing comedy a who-dunnit NOT worth spending your precious time on, especially when the nation has yet to recover from a deadly epidemic . instead, you will have a better understanding of the Real World and even enjoy – it by visiting Pier 39 Carousel at San Francisco Bay .

Terminator was never a major hollywood block-buster and would slowly return to the boring grave, each time they redo their ritual mimicked from countless bugs that lurk around grave-yards .


so thou mighty Barbarian : go back in time and remain faithful to a royal family, and NO more “I’ll be Back” as an actor long~ after your time has past, please . for actually : this whole scenario has been done in the known past in gaie Paris by Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourge to the tune of Lemon incest :

– Ode to The Original K-100 from the inventors of Korea Tech BLog –

but wait .. I see some-one already waiting for me there