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Star Trek into Darkness official release dates around the Pacific Rim and North America, while beaucoup CAM versions with beginning 5-minute sequence missing circulates around the less-blessed :

  • Australia & New Zealand May 9 Thursday
  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand & Mexico May 10 Friday
  • Philippines : May 15 Wednesday
  • Malaysia, Singapore & US May 16 Thursday
  • Vietnam & Canada May 17 Friday
  • Cambodia : May 23 Thursday
  • South Korea : May 30 Thursday gulp
  • Japan : August 23 Jesus, what did they do ?

so I’m flyin’ over to Hong Kong, see ya’
( May 27th Monday Update ) Oops, back from HK but no time for movies, instead conquering iT and Lane Crawford OutLet Stores and Horizon (Ap Lei Chau) and CityGate (Tung CHung) OutLet Malls 😉

but since some countries began a good THREE Weeks earlier than Korea, many fine-quality CAM versions circulate on the .Net, which began with beginning ancient civilization portion cut and sound out-of-sync .



[ MegaBox Movie Theatre chains ] opening versions May 30th Thursday and note *virtually all movie theatres in South Korea show Hollywood movies with subtitles instead of dubbing :

  • Digital
  • 3D
  • 3D Atmos


[ Lotte Cinema Movie Theatre chains ] opening versions May 30th Thursday

  • Digital
  • Digital 3D
  • Real 3D


[ CGV Movie Theatre chains ] some versions except 3D/iMAX/4DX opening May 29th Wednesday !!!

  • Digital
  • SoundX only at Yoido CGV
  • 3D
  • 3D SoundX only at Yoido CGV
  • iMax 3D
  • 4DX 3D
  • 4DX 3D SoundX only at ChungDam Cine City




conspiracy unravels onto climax :

  • incoming Science Officer Carol is found to be Admiral Marcus’ daughter
    (and we see here : Alice Eve in bikini !)
  • reverable Admiral Marcus is traitor
  • 72 photon torpedoes each actually carry Kahn’s crew in suspended cryo sleep


several Easter Eggs including :

  • OMG ! Chief Engineer Scotty infiltrates into the massive USS Vengeance !
  • young Spock crys in tears ?!
  • the /older/ Spock played by Leonard Nimoy makes /another/ cameo appearance
    to illogically reveal secret to counter the mighty Kahn



Alas ! there is a second plot-twist :

  • Captain Kirk die from radiation to save his ship USS Enterprise
  • Super-Human Kahn survives after all


still again, there is a third ~ ofcourse to rationalize the original 1964 classic TV series