officially ranked in August 2008 by KS Korea Standards
a subsidiary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy .

  1. LCD TV by LG Electronics
  2. Bidet by WoongJin
  3. Food Disposer by Loofen
  4. Navigation by Tinkerware
  5. Mid-Sized Cars by Hyundai
  6. Digital Piano by SamIk
  7. Scooters by Honda Korea
  8. Instant Rice by CJ ChaeilJeDang
  9. Coffee Mix by JaYoung
  10. Shampoo by AeKyung
  11. Tampons by Procter & Gamble Korea
  12. Wallets by Valentine
  13. Young Casual Wear by ShinSung TongSang
  14. Ladies Formal Wear by Missy
  15. HighPass Highway Electronic Pass by Seoul CommTech

do not doubt this because you’ve never heard some of the names before,
for some export to third-world countries
then there are those loyal companies that manufacture OEM under orderer’s labels .