it is the preoccupation of modern generation in South Korea to stay on-line most of the time, while the young do this via cell phones . but a large amount of mid-aged ladies and 20’s newlyweds who are by choice not keen to computers AND have ample time on their hands at home watch Cable TV, more precisely “Home Shopping” NetWork, mostly run by larger conglomerates . and at any given time there is such a thing as immensely popular product, such as was HanKyung series of steam cleaners in 2001 then even a revolutionary approach to offer Canada Immigration Applications in 2003 .

currently popular is a hand-held bed and carpet “Sterilizer and Cleaner” TOB DongYang RayVac TV-T400 . simple and cheap hand-held vacuum cleaners have been here for a while, then came those with HEPA filters for dust and mite allergies . meanwhile the slogan “JinDong PakPak” which loosely translates into “vibration and banging” derived from the thrusting motions on heads of vacuum cleaners to dust off bed sheets, had been used for those vacuum cleaners with such larger, heads . so here comes a portable machine to do just that and sterilize with UltraViolet Rays .

  • operates 30 minutes on one charge
  • sterilizing frequency 253.7nm
  • thrust vibration 3,000 rounds per minute
  • sterilize, dust-off and vacuum
  • normal filter plus micro filter
  • extension cord 4.5m
  • power 400W
  • comes in Red Wine or Sky Blue
  • dimensions 41 x 25.3 x 29.7cm
  • weight 2.3kg

one draw back, I would say, that still plagues the portable machines, is the messy trash bag, which you still have to dust off while inhaling a good part of it .
Korean label made-to-order from China (OEM) introduced on August 2008 now on-line shopping mall discounts at LotteiMall for a reasonable W95,060