as we use computers for play as much as work, ever the need for a all-in-one video player that can play many, many codecs and if-possible : all the formats that exit on the World 😉 I have never been the type to pack-in multimedia packs that gush-in all sorts of codecs into a zip file, instead choosing to install only the ones used the most currently, onto Windows Media Player that comes with Windows . only last year did I migrate to a much-capable VLC Media Player, which also distribute in 64bit version as well as 32bit, and has been constantly releasing updates . however the latest 2.1.0 released September 25 2013 strikes us dumb, crashing when contemplating some of the basic file types including wmv3 .
도시 전설의 여자 시즌2 2회 (1280x720)
this comes at a time second installment of TV series “Girl of City Legend” (translated) began airing over Japan, starring long-legged Masami Nagasawa as a capable police aid, unraveling mysterious occurrence around the island nation .

it works fine when you revert back to version 2.0.8 so choose one that twingles your fancy at their old version download page :


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( December 19th 2013 Update ) all seems to be back on track with latest version 2.1.2 – on 32 and 64bit .