What is the most-used OS operating system in South Korea and which one should I use ? Korea Tech BLog answers clearly and in detail, so that you may squeeze the last remaining juice of a nation gone out-right Virtual – over the Dawn of the Third Millennium .
150315 Win8.1 Update 64bit 바탕화면배경AriB
iOS had a short boost during the influx of the first MacBook Air onto the Korean Peninsula, but there is a critical aspect why you just have to stick to iBM compatibles : banking . ofcourse you can switch back-and-forth, plus a whole new era of smart-phone banking on its second year .. but still //

to-date : would you believe a whopping 40% of local populace still use Windows XP ?! then another 40% sticking to 7 noteably SP1, then only 10% 8 now preferably 8.1 Update . this is because many – especially small business and elders – are using computers for basic tasks word processing (Microsoft Word), spread-sheet (Excel) and internet browsing . and many are using copies as the government only crack-down on larger businesses . so it also has to do with which version of internet Explorer you are using, even though you have a several choice in a single Windows version . I would suggest you decide by looking at it this way : whether you use fore-most foreign web-sites (North America) or domestic (Korea). currently many Global portal sites including FaceBook is opting-out support for iE8 – which came with Windows 7 – and earlier, while Korean banks and more-over government institutions still have trouble using the latest iE11 included on Windows 8.1 Update release a whole year ago on April 2014 ! which also means : that there are enough information from earlier users on how to tweak your settings to make it work though . so unless your are deeply inter-wind with government institutions and/or must use On-Line banking but have absolutely no idea how a computer works : the Spring would be a good time to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update, as it has the most friendlier interface alike to previous favourite 7 among the newer 8 series 😉



– Korea Tech BLog –

( Tried and Tested, Ten Days Later ) We won’t be mentioning Windows XP for it is too old, nor Windows 8 or 8.1 for it is a failed project wanting to believe all desk-top PC personal computers users would want its screen to be like a tablet -_- thus it is a matter of choosing between Windows 7 SP1 upgraded to iE internet Explorer 9 with vital security updates – vs.- Windows 8.1 Update .

You still will have to stick to the former if you are involved in serious business and/or banking procedures, requiring opening, handling and printing secure documents – Surprising even-now after Official release of Windows 8.1 Update . ofcouse all limited to 32-bit versions . this includes legal documents providing proof of identity and/or ownership, and On-Line business bank and/or securities transaction . ofcourse there will be short periods when you will be able to do some, as all update regularly but each institution use different programs for their own security, which changes too so chances abound you will be blocked when you suddenly need it most .

But you are free to explore the Wonderful World – to the tune of the classic movie ‘Sound of Music’ – of the latest Windows OS operating system, as at least its 32-bit version will let you through all individual banking .

many banks and securities firms state their website offers varied choices of browers like Saffari, Chrome and even FireFox .. but No, these have never worked, still doesn’t and never ever will, short of the day when the Peninsula as a whole abruptly shifts its political stance – um, will leave it up to your sacred imagination : what this is intended to mean .

so the ultimate solution to have at least two computers each in the office as well as at home, aside from your laptop or notebook you tote around :

  1. Windows 8.1 Update on the main computer with the latest hardware AND software for your major tasks – be it work or play including extensive games .
  2. and Windows 7 SP1 on the second or back-up machine with older hardware and stable software to leave on 24/365 sharing files, to use for banking and business transaction – which will install countless security softwares AND its endless updates .. requiring you to wipe-out and re-install the whole OS operating system regulary – to which you won’t have problems because it will contain much fewer programs than your main computer .


unfortunately : I deem this situation will remain the same for the rest of the Year of the Lamb ..