there was an article today heading “TEN Reasons to UpGrade to Windows 10” on major local media in Korean, siting this unprecedented FREE opportunity for previous Windows users .


but no matter what Microsoft Korea Officially may announce, or governmental subsidiaries or big-business who play goodie-goodie with them : it is far from compatible to do secure business and currency transactions . many still don’t work with Windows 8.1 Update and although there are quite a number of exceptions in the huge iBM-compatible platform : Windows 7 SP1 with internet Explorer upgraded to iE9, plus vital security patches would be your best, bet up-to-date this Summer of 2015 // and 32bit at that unless again : you have several computers each for differing purposes( April 2016 Update )

Three full Seasons after Microsoft’s at-last supposed-to-overcome the frail Windows 8 and 8.1 still has a long way to go, or even another Windows to by-pass . again it would be great if you have several computers for differing purpose and places, but if not :

  1. although the brand-NEW Edge (Jesus, they had to dig its Favourites bookmark so deep into its systems folders) is a joy to surf the.Net but is absolutely NOT compatible with local business and banking, and that is why it has internet Explorer 11 as a back-up but even that don’t work on Korean shopping portals .
  2. just about the major attraction for a total beginner is its fully-automatic driver installation, but now even some depending upon its version may hang your computer out-to-dry .
  3. and the theme up-front supposed to adhere to iPad and tablet users tried-out from the daunting Windows 8 is still lingering to tell Microsoft loves its short-comings .
  4. then what an over-simplistic media player it contains that it is all-out time for third-party video software like VLC Player offered in various versions to match your system .

Thus impressive it is, how some Global companies shoot-up, some as a come-back, while some once-glorious institutions never ever learn – Korea Tech BLog .