let it be known that even until just before MERS Out-Break over the Peninsula : quite a number of business were still using Windows XP (Officially released in 2001), hopefully SP2 (2004) or SP3 (2008) and to-date : the most important factor of it all – after all : the whole point of business is to make money, and more-over small business cannot survive without it – its *banking system is NOT fully compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS Operating System Windows 8.1 Update (2014.4.8). and even more notorious : government institutions do not – being some of the latest that catch-on . on that note : Windows 7 SP1 (2011.2.22) with its iE browser upgraded from its default 8 to internet Explorer 9 would be your best bet to use it for any *surroundings .

  1. ‘banking’ above implies more on On-Line payment as each and every credit card issuer install over half-a-dozen programs onto your sacred computer, than arranging your bank account over the internet which does some but much less .
  2. ‘surroundings’ above means more on business routing than entertainment and games, where compatibility with diverse systems is necessary where sheer power may be more important on the latter .


all considered : it would be another fun thingling to try-out on your (NOT even your second but) third computer

– At The Epidome of Frustration, Korea Tech BLog –