HTC had announced that their Google Nexus One will change specifications from SamSung Electronics’ wonder panel in AMOLED to Sony’s Super LCD S-LCD, loose a bulk of the ‘glitz’ this machine had to offer . I had the glitzy chance to have both for a while and here’s a NO- BS simple conclusion I have to offer .

as of early September, unbelieveably in South Korea, there are still stores that HAVE the earlier AMOLED models, noticeable with either a red OR green small round sticker on the side of the box .

here it is no rocket science to figure SamSung might have intentionally shorted out AMOLED supply to HTC, to promote their own shining Galaxy line .

but before all you should be aware of the modern Korean psychology at play . for Korean cell phones start off with a massive budget on advertising including pop stars as well as supporting a certain TV drama at the on-set . and as a major power conglomerate, SamSung Electronics have repeated ads to point of brainwashed consumer viewers that AMOLED is a wonder, wonderful panel . period


but note that the AMOLED going into Nexus One are earlier panels where it has since developed into AMOLED Plus, then Super AMOLED . where-as the inter-changed Sony Super LCD are their latest line of power-conserving panels .

over-all much opinions AND reviews have emerged concerning their differences with most disappointed with the change . while still agreeing that AMOLED is better for viewing video movies, and SLCD for working in text .

with a major culprit in battery hours where AMOLED lasts 25 hours while SLCD to go on for 30 hours .

all of the above are a common concensus among users World-Wide including Korean, where a substantial number of consumers have bought it awaiting for Apple iPhone 4 .



so from here on is my own opinion, tested in /real/ life-use from messaging to checking business documents all the way to enjoying music video :

[ BRIGHTNESS ] in a purely technical sense AMOLED is certainly a wonder – offering complete black background at boot, while SLCD still shows a slight light leak BUT only noticeable at night with other lights OFF .

then in contrast : SLCD gets slightly brighter under sunlight . so in general you can say AMOLED is darker, but in a controlled sense . again, all this is only noticeable if you compare the two against each other .


[ BATTERY LIFE, HEAT AND TOUCH  SENSITIVITY ] while using a mix of all in eMail, work to play .. there really is NOT much noticeable difference . BUT you notice quite more heat on AMOLED when using CPU-extensive applications such as games . and AMODEL react very slightly more well to finger touch .


then as a quick conclusion, I personally would prefer the earlier AMOLED, but again no consumer in the general population will notice the difference had this all NOT been news from sensitive followers .


– Korea Tech BLog, August 2010 –