news media throughout the Peninsula abound with the unveiling of Korean conglomerate SamSung Electronics’ Galaxy S6, with proud connotation of “forget previous Galaxies”, thus openly accepting the fact that its line was worthless -_- all is just the opposite of when iPhone 6 (um please excuse-me for even comparing) came out : the press is hyped but the consumer comments with sarcasm : “innovation again ?” or “still trying to bank-in on patriotism alone ?” more-over : what is supposed to be “news” reads like promotion flyers .

so will consider this in three Months, when the price drops in half – generally considered its worthy value – bloated to form a facade it is as good as Apple’s iPhone .. on that note : it certainly is good news for earlier models’ price will go down, and for the bang-for-the-buck in the way of SamSung Android SmartPhones .. a like-new used S4 LTE-A may be had for below W200,000 and here is my pink S4 – named : My Beautiful Galaxy S4 LTE-A to the tune of Daniel Day-Lewis‘ classic 1985 movie – the only Galaxy I have and would probably ever own, ofcourse bought aged for half its manufacturer retail price, not USED and its term to be explained on another Post ..

( Second Day of Galaxy S6 introduction ) local journalist are all-out comparing it to iPhone 6 . as all the numbers – including size, power, weight and even battery are a tad higher than Apple’s // but a Galaxy with built-in battery now, still don’t make it an iPhone and on that note SamSung may have just blinked – for inter-changeable battery was one big reason for choosing a Galaxy, and LG Optimus G series ..

and their next Head-Line is the battle of the first smart-watches, as if there are real alternative to iWatch //

( FortNight there-after ) local media spread another head-line : “Will SamSung Galaxy S6 Halt iPhone 6 and Plus’ Parade as Apple’s All-Time Best-Seller ?”

Yeah, Right .


( April 12 Update ) lame News-flash include how buyers stood in line like Apple Store, far-out in Rotterdam, Netherlands none mentioning the price there . while local unlocked prices below are over-ratedly depressing that it isn’t even funny any more, as I would deem the right-ful retail price-tag for a NEW S6 W350,000; preceding S5 at W250,000 and the best value currently S4 for W150,000 (which is its like-new USED going-rate). but it shows they direly want it to be priced like an Apple AND what-ever fans to line-up like in front of an Apple Store .. End of Post .
150412 eNuri SamSung Galaxy S6

( April 19 Sunday ) and no-wonder : this can be had at almost half its manufacturer’s suggested retail price, as KT is offering for its two-year subscription plan but ofcourse at the higher-spectrum of price per-Month payment .

– Looking at it all from an LG Point-of-View, like um G3 Cat.6, Korea Tech BLog –