alike the opening scene on the classic 1964 movie The Fall of the Roman Empire, 2000 Millennium version in Gladiator : the last of Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ enemies Germania Barbarian tribe refuse to surrender against their enormous force . hence Roman general second-in-command Quintus pity “people should know when they are conquered” .. to which commanding general Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) question “would you Quintus ? would I ?”
they “blinked” when they let way for competing SamSung Electronics on LCD screen television sets and has been on an Olympic down-hill sleigh since . and to try hike-up digital camera prices to head for the pinnacle, when fewer consumer saw the need to tote around compact cameras when they had an iPhone . Yes the iPhone killed the digital camera – to the tune of Music Video Killed the Radio Star – as so many long timer merchants around Electronics districts or rather buildings in South Korea, mostly in the Capital of SEOUL atest and grieve . as much a Sony fan – made fun of as “Sony-ppa’s” on the massive On-Line forums on virtual Korea – I pity them like BlackBerry did try to revive at least a part of their past glory in the Orient, urshing-out their phones onto Korean movies and tv series known as dramas duh .
ofcourse it is time for another kind of apparatus, and I don’t mean iWatch 😉 so here’s an ode to lucrative companies who made, making and will make stylish devices with incredible functions for daily-use onto the other side of the Millennium ~


– A Korea Tech BLog Thought On What SHOULD Come –