so you’ve now fetched a sacred iPhone 6S PLUS in Rose Gold and looking for a speaker that can blast its sound outta ya tiny apartment !? and if you’re like me with several more iPhones and even Android Galaxies and LG G series on the desk, then more boxes of all sorts of electronics as well as computer peripherals that Einstein’s concept of space will allow only narrow width, long speaker that will use up air-space above .. right . so among a myriad of choices in trying to choose a BlueTooth speaker, you can narrow-down but eventually come down to these three brands, unless aspiring to spend over W300,000 with more exotic manufacturers .

plus even to this day when an unlocked iPhone can be compatible and used almost in any developed nation, not all speakers are distributed World-Wide . not to say you cannot get it in the age of eBay and international couriers but many things can go wrong in delicate sound machines, so better to have warranty at least for the first year . thus here introducing a trio of varying sizes and price : as always, price below are the lowest at larger discount On-Line shopping malls so your local store would sell slightly higher .

Creative Sound Blaster FREE W146,000 introduced October 2015
8W 2 channel stereo – water-resistant – hands free – remaining battery panel – memory card – AUX – BlueTooth ver 4.0 – HFP A2DP AVRCP – multi pairing – 10m – built-in battery – micro5 pin – 10 hour continuous play – 446g. SBC codec-compatible – water-proof and sound-proof iPX4 – 2200mAh capacity battery

comes in either silver or black exterior color
Creative FREE02c890x550 Creative FREE25c820x480 Creative FREE07c750x320 3505103_3c500 Creative FREE19c890x576HYShorSMR

3129100_detl19c680x594 3129100_detl13c680x682HYShorSMR 3129100_detl17c700x798 3129100_detl10c700x900HYShorSMR 3129100_detl15&6c642x928 3129100_detl09c700x800HYShorSMR
(above) Logitech Z600 W164,000 introduced October 2013
2 channel – BlueTooth – touch sensitive – AUX-IN – AC power

a classic two speaker model of sleek-white Space Odyssey design and is quite smart in recognizing input thus switching automatically instead of a source dial 😉 accepts either BlueTooth wireless audio profile A2DP or 3.5mm audio-out, pairing with maximum 8 devices and 3 multi-BlueTooth covering about 10 meters . each module is 106 x 108 x 235mm size and weighs 1360g. and basic warranty of two years is certainly welcome //

(below) Philips Wireless Music Tower BT2110 W270,000 introduced September 2014

80W output – USB BlueTooth & radio tuner – NFC – alarm – AUX – remote control – 160×209 square dimension and 850mm tall
BT2110-10c700x960 BT2110-09c700x830 BT2110-04c700x734 BT2110-03c700x708HYShorSMR
um I listed three here for you to make a choice, but by the time I ended this Post I had order all three umph ~ Thank Steve Jobs my tiny apartment even has four rooms


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