Left : Britz international BR-3000 Mini W33,000 introduced November 2013
3W – memory card – internal battery – BlueTooth audio receiver – hand strap

Right : BonoBoss S2000 W34,000 introduced July 2014
3W – 80~20KHz – radio – memory card – NFC – 10m – internal battery 800mAh



BR-3000 Mini is truly tiny, graspable in the smallest hand . and is obvious from looking at one single cone inside : you really cannot expect audio quality, for the volume is barely passable as a speaker, and become loud enough for a single listener when you pump-up your cell phone, smart-phone or iPhone volume too . over-all the result would be a tad above the actual speaker already contained inside your cell phone, smart-phone or iPhone . still the buttons are fun to play around with, in a device looking like out of a Star Trek movie //

S2000 is much better compared to the above, as it is a good two times larger in size, but still don’t expect quality for it is in the same price range . the louder volume cannot be defined as quality but rather : bloated as simply in a larger can . the buttons look awfully cheap, and is absolutely incomprehensible you have to flip through its manual – mostly for they tried to cramp-in a number of capabilities in each button .


( Power ) being an audiophile yearning for high-end speakers that umph a punch below your belly : I won’t recommend any of the above, unless you really want an ultra-portable speaker that squeeze only a bit of power stronger than your mobile device .

( BlueTooth ) although both of the above pairs automatically quite well, the latter does a better job, as the former often requires re-pairing .

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