two basic no-frills radio small enough to fit into your pocket the size of two iPhones . whether you need a present for you grand-father or in case of emergency when you will need what is happening around you – not a joking matter as natural as well as man-made disaster can strike any day . two differing styles but both recently made, both accepts two AA size batteries .
1508741397_A1350x400Sony iCF-P26 BLACK W17,000 released May 2016

sleek-modern design of the two reminiscent of Post Walkman-era in Nineties .

and Panasonic RF-P50D SILVER W15,000 released November 2017

straight out-of Retro seventies classic .

of course there are smaller models with digital LED (kills the Retro look and your grandpa would not go for this) and larger ones three times-wide in stereo, but listen to the latest iPhone Xs and you will barely need this NOR small USB speakers (large ones, I mean half the size of an orange box would do in Post-Modern technology : Yesss as they do wonders to your ears – plus eyes if you can afford the stylish ones – to be dealt in another Post .RF-P505of7

[ COMPARISON ] while the Black Sony iCF-P26 comes with a thick black hand-strap in the box, silver Panasonic RF-P50D comes attached to a strap and a mono-earphone plus its vendor even includes a two-inch small mini-light for the dark . both accepts two AA-size batteries and the rest is a matter of size and style :

although the black Sony looks more modern, it is noticeably larger more grippable on a larger hand .

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