there are several Avengers characters spanned among two dozen Marvel Universe films including iron Man, incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr.Strange re-appearing in this infinity War, so will keep this Post simple with minimal names to understand the ending narrative .

talk is so boring on Universal-action movies which lingers-on much on preceding Captain America Civil War 2016 because Yes, The Avengers were then divided in ideology . but now-come infinity War with Guardians of the Galaxy join-in as a side-kick but its evil characters do also in a bigger scale . so the movie opens with dire battle (only understandable later) and ends with (a series of) another, although disappointing – big time . clashing battle after battle ensues (I think it better I didn’t opt for 4DX viewing option where the seats won’t have stayed still even for a moment) on the course of fighting over each Stone, and here will minimize names as to clarify the flow of the story – coming to an aghast meaningless ending :

* * * SPOILER AHEAD * * *

The story goes that : when a WrestleMania giant’s home planet became over-populated, he had the brains to kill-off half of it, to save his species ! duh ?


eventually he set-out to do the same of the whole Universe, where he will need most-precious infinity Stones to do it . but they are scattered around the Universe and some guarded by super-heroes themselves – which is how the movie progresses to find and mass-bloodily attain one-by-one .

[ LOVE ] interestingly and much welcome in such Super-Heroe movie : love looms at the background of this sequel, for the good-side and surprisingly : bad as well .

  • on the good side : it is comforting to see Wanda and Vision are in love, just like we human beings today.. but ofcourse the story-line has to throw a curve-ball that she may have to kill him to keep his stone on his forehead from falling into the giant’s hands .
  • on the bad side : the giant will have to sacrifice the girl he saved as a child henced adopted, in order to receive the Soul Stone.. where he (in tears) hurdles her over a cliff .
[ TWO NEAR-MISSES ] to keep us (come to think of it just after the movie ends) dumb viewer in anticipation : The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy almost take the giant two times during the latter part of the movie .

  1. the giant has had a precious-metal glove made on Nidavellir, to fit on his left hand to accomodate all six infinity Stones . and the Guardians of the Galaxy almost have the chance to take this off the giant, however when its leader Peter Quill finds-out the giant had killed Gamora supposedly the giant’s step-daughter, whom he loved.. his attack breaks the hold onto the glove .
  2. as noted on “Love” portion above : Wanda heart-brokenly destroys the Stone on loving Vision’s forehead.. however the giant now has the power to reverse time, thus returning Vision’s whole body back into one – with the Stone intact ! Jesus,
  3. however in the end : Thor manages to finally thrust his hardly-made (also on Nidavellir) new axe StormBreaker into the giants chest, where the giant after agonizing pain.. but soon whispers onto Thor “you should have put it into my head instead”.


30 minutes into the movie : there comes a quote that “if the giant collects ALL infinity Stones, he would be able to destroy the Universe with the snap of his fingers”. and in the end – after a whole mix-and-match combination of Avengers and Guardians battle on several planets against him.. which ends in vain – he does just that.. with two fingers ! after-which roughly half of The Avengers and (at added post-credit scene) even Agents of S.H.i.E.L.D.disintegrate in dark soil ~ like “puff”

1 hour and 47minutes into the movie : the giant confides on the Doctor that “after all that, he can finally rest watch the rise on a grateful Universe” which literally is the final scene of this to-be-continued episode duh


sure, any sci-fi mania or Marvel Comics infinity Gauntlet student has foreseen similar outcome, and could surmise the sequel to this movie and how most of the vanished heroes in the end, would come-alive and return – for it has happened a couple of times in the course of the film version and two infinity Stones by specification has the ability to do so – so it would be a matter of when and how .

– Korea Tech BL0g –