( Prologue ) my parents had a small dog of no pedigree reared in a large metal cage – made for a German Shepherd before him/her whom I showed interest for a short time, so probably the got rid of – who was quite clever as to untangle himself when his again metal chain made rounds when-ever he/she came in-and-out of the ample spacing between metal bars . I never really took to dogs and don’t know what became of him/her .

[ iNDEX ] mostly in the order of movie scenes

  1. A.i. when artificial intelligence induce the fantom of the human opera
  2. Lullaby : the sexiest moment in motion picture history
  3. Olsen Sisters : my oh-my, how they have grown
  4. Hallucination : unraveling the Avengers’ worst fears
  5. Speed iii – transcendence
  6. Country Home : back at Hawkeye’s safe-house
  7. SEOUL : riding the techno-metropolia
  8. Kabuto Armour : Giant Robo vs.Mazinga Z
  9. Floating City of Laputa


[ TONY’S TOY COLLECTION ] it is all-right the actor himself had drug problems during his first try-out on his career and after re-hab made a come-back to this blazing heroe role, for the most popular character of the Avengers movie ain’t perfect neither . after-all the irrivocable demon on this second Avengers movie was all started by himself . and reputably-so, for it is his very brains-gone-bad, so at times his own morale seen to be right //

How to Shrink a Giant Monster 101 :

[ MOMMY : THE TWINS DID IT ] What a welcome story-line as a fresh new set of young twins join-in the Avengers, although was on the Dark Side on-start . and their super-powers are quite fun too : zazzling speed and mind-tingling . and on the latter : as much as we adore each and every one of its members, continuous insiders into their thougts as well as past life would be welcome in future installments to-come 😉

[ HAWKEYE FARM-HOUSE ] with only a single quick shot of him whispering on his cell-phone before as a hint : Hawkeye suddenly has a whole family with children-intact, on a secluded farm where he leads the mentally or psychologically-compromised Avengers team as a safe-house . this is a nice intermission like that of Rose Hill, Tennessee recluse amid iron Man 3 movie, and to get even excited or exhausted viewers to regain momentum with familiar homely surroundings, and in case of ultra-modern city-dwellers like that of SEOUL-lites : to dream for a short while on the natively-human things that they can never, ever have now .

[ KOREA TECH BLOG ] Korean War veterans are still seen at national events and at KTX train stations, but those who have not yet had the chance or urge to travel would have a hard time believing its sight Post-Millennium . ofcourse most constructed around the Capital but also at its very Port City where the nationalist retreated and began strike-back, if it weren’t for the U.S.Air Force flying out of Fukuoka . thus although much more futuristic buildings and compex exist today, they chose to film in rather mediocre areas and modern scenery : in essence,

  1. a river-side floating cafe and restaurant (appearing in the movie as Dr.Helen Cho’s laboratory)
  2. buildings around Asian Olympic Games facility and the most rich real-estate property of GangNam (where Captain Ameria and Black Widow fought-through)

[ MECHANIZED SUITS ] not-to-mention how a hollow iron Man suit (when Tony Stark steps out of it inspect enemy grounds) could go into sentry-mode by itself, iron Man ups the ante this time by putting-on another layer of thicker armour-body to counter Hulk gone-mad in an African city . only those who have played with miniature-scaled action-figures and/or contemplated building one realize the problem of moving your under-arms as well as between-the-thighs as simply you cannot close them when you wear such thick armour .

[ LAPUTA ABOVE THE HEAVENS ] from Gulliver’s Travels to Japanese anime of the same name : flying cities have built more curiosity into the imaginable . on this occasion it is risen higher and higher, to eventually let loose down to Earth to instigate Global annihilation like the meteor/s supposed to have wiped-out the dinosaurs .


( Epilogue ) I wrote this review as the greatest movie critic of all-time has passed-away . perhaps God is playing fair in disabling those with intriguing thoughts and outrageous mental power . though I will pray again on the next Dia Los Muertos along for Apple founder also, here I direly search for the next-best movie reviewer, or even a media company . one wise advisor noted : that there is not one but many now, in the what-ever fusion times . may-be, but I start by ticking-out those who begin with how much money and/or the plain story-line itself ..

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