South Korea now has some of the most lavish AND technologically advance viewing halls in the World, and I regularly introduce special theatres along with movies released at the time like Avengers, Batman and Mission impossible series on top of each brands on their dedicated Page on Top Menu, however mostly CGV and Lotte Cinema . both brands have had about half-a-dozen special-effects hall and now here introducing a couple of new additions :

[ CGV ] has up’ed their ante from their VIP seats in Gold Class onto Tempur Cinema which boasts the World’s first fully-recling seats-to-bed much like First Class and Business Class Airline seats .

– only offered at YongSan, ApGuJeong and Busan Centum City


then doing-better on their multi-projection ScreenX and directional SoundX : onto SphereX with Sky-3D Sound and ovular Egg Screen experience on lay-back Chair .

– available at only YeongDeungPo and CheonHo Branches


[ Lotte Cinema ] has been the second and runner-up contender of movie theatres in South Korea to CGV, but with the ambitious construction of The Tower of Babel they now have a couple of the most humongus and state-of-the-art theatres mankind has to offer . ofcourse the best experience for Universal-action on iron Man and Avengers sequels was either gigantic iMAX and Univeral Studios-like 4D moving seats, but noteable in time for Avengers infinity War would be Super S – the first of its kind where the while screen is an LED panel . but again because of that it cannot go huge so unlike other giant (wide) screens : I have found the best seats are actually on front-most row, which were suprisingly fully available even on release-date ! (that and side columns ofcourse)

– and is only available at The Tower of Babel 8th Floor
which is what I chose this time-around to watch the most freakish Avengers sequel to-date . one minus is that because the screen is relatively small as we are used to huge ScreenX and iMAX on such action movies, but now can look-up close in detail . and razor-sharp images can be best witnessed

  1. Tony Stark’s secretary Pepper Potts’ thin wrinkles over her face (not to mention age but of fine beauty)
  2. Rocket Racoon’s thin-spiking fur on his face and body – amazing


– pitying the creators of infinity War along-with X-Files and LOST, for they have taken the easy-way out in luring viewers then simply hanging it all up-in-the-air, Korea Tech BLog –