imminent (because local movie theatres including all CGV, MegaBox and Lotte Cinema gradually release : what special-effects halls a movie will be shown – only a Week to a couple of days AFTER actual release) to viewing a great Sci-Fi master-piece, one has to decide which special-effects version to view it in . to do that you have to have an idea of the over-all story-line . and we know this from the Marvell’s Civil War comic book installments, which ran the latter half of 2006 . and you know even aside from the mixed-up synopsis (story twists to where the government steps-in to regulate future super-heroe operations): that the divided members of The Avengers who are for and against this sanction, will fight mostly for show, obviously since none of the prime good guys going to get hurt out of the action, for future franchise . thus you will be largely expecting a comedy – so you certainly won’t need to see this in multi-effect 4DX .
ofcourse CGV has the most audio, visual and motion special effect halls than their competition by-far with trend-leading technology . but come the most comfortable seating : MegaBox and Lotte Cinema comes-up to par . the only thing is that to have larger seats and surrounding space, you have to have large halls – so theatre branches are located well out of metropolitan areas where they can have enough real-estate . here the ever-rising Tower of Babel house now house THE largest theatre hall on the whole wide-World at 33 meters-width (NOT iMAX though, which 24 meters is the largest at CGV JeonJu and Ulsan), but it is up to you to decide if you want to go up there . so like larger super-marts operated by Korea’s major conglomerates, you would have better chance dwelling in one of massive satellite cities or larger cities than the Capital of SEOUL .



story-wise probably the ONLY two formidable things to happen, is that :

  1. this movie was first released in South Korea on April 27 Wednesday – the earliest on Planet Earth
  2. and that both team brings-up new members of Marvell fame to join their cause, as either are pit against powerful adversaries – but it is those new-comers who continuously joke amidst the inter-Avengers battle, which don’t help this to be a serious movie .


then this movie installment ends with the rebel-half of The Avengers in prison behind locked bars, for more money-monging sequels to come .


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