so when does a delicate line of mirror-less camera retain its classic looks AND become too expensive it becomes simply ugly ? following three blocks of photos show all components and accessories even including a dedicated carrying bag when you buy this model . Panasonic Korea also extends your local warranty to THREE Years from its original ONE when you register it within a Month of purchase at their Official website 😉

and for comparison aside from this new GX7 : are mirror-less digital cameras also from Panasonic AND its competition Sony, which are quite popular in South Korea that you will have not much trouble re-selling in a clean state after a good year of use, with lowest current price of camera body ONLY, without lens at larger On-Line discount outlets .

  • GX1 introduced merely last Year 2012 W240,000
  • GF-6 introduced this April 2013 W450,000
  • GX7 introduced just October 2013 W1,220,000
  • Sony NEX-3N introduced this March 2013 W330,000
  • Sony NEX-5N introduced two Years ago 2011 W330,000
  • Sony NEX-5T just introduced September 2013 W640,000
  • Sony NEX-6 introduced last Year 2012 W720,000
  • Sony NEX-7 introduced last Year 2012 W900,000

GX1 has been much popular over the past Year,

  1. for its comparably low price,
  2. availability of largest selection of quality lens in this mirror-less range,
  3. and the fact that it has a flash hot-shoe 😉

while the more design-conscious has been following its GF line and more-so on Sony NEX .



– so many cameras to choose and the Great Money-Disappearing Act, Korea Tech BLog –