as you will notice from cleansed automobiles (except taxis, buses and trucks which is to the contrary) Koreans’ obsession device cleanliness, not so much for hygiene standards but as it affects your stature on how people around you look at you AND its impact on resale value . Chinese OEM LCD screen protection films used to fill the market for the (first were the first flip-phones from Motorola and sliding-phones from Qualcomm –  over-all black, after-which SamSung and Sky came to dominate the white/pearly larger and full-screen cell phones) second generation of cell phones as South Korea emerged to become a mobile nation . there-after more expensive smart-phones and tablets including iPhones and iPads needed more protection, so local Korean companies have sprung-up to fill this sector . for comparison : a set of earlier simple scratch-resistant protection sheets merely cost W3000 or so, while current state-of-the-art-AND-technology protect your device from drops as well as hammering ?!

all iPhone 5 and 5S cases introduced here are metallic to enhance or imitate gold version, so please refer to my former Post of those for iPhone 5 which tries to look-like 5S .

further-more all iPhone and iPad cases introduced in this BLog has one aspect in common : covering all sides fully to protect in case of drop, rather than those which has a portion of a side – usually on the bottom – open to facilitate inserting ear phones and USB connector cables . complimented by my own usage reviews, which take one vital pre-requisite : that protection casing should cover ALL four planes fully (so NO open portions to accommodate larger earphone plugs) AND with-stand a drop from a lowered hand onto concrete stairs without any dents on the device itself !

131030 Naver AppleiPhone 슈피겐SGP iPhone 5S/5용 울트라하이브리드 케이스01blet’s begin with Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 5 and 5S Cafe Brown W17,000
is a clam-shell case for quite a protection in addition to golden looks .

[ REVIEW ] this may be the best iPhone 5/5S case for me yet so far, as the whole substance is hard rubber, whose in-side has bubbled nodes at corners for drop-protection – resulting in a rather thick casing which could be its minus point . further-more the solid color is darker brown than Gold as shown on manufacturer’s product photos .


then all cases and protection films following below are from MomoKet
and again starting with its clam-shell iRon Plate Metal Case K70 W12,000
which has an over-kill back-side which you have to slide-in and out to detach -_-
does not come in gold but silver, still silky-metallic enough to enhance the subtle gold offered by Apple in iPhone 5S .
k70c03 k70c03c08

second again from MomoKet is their ultra-thin Cross Metal Bumper5 K78 W17,500
attached by the tiniest cross screws you’ve ever seen and does come with this micro screw-driver 😉
down-side after usage is that the material is paper-thin and corners quite sharp to hurt your holy device, and the gold color is quite cheap-looking artificial -_-
k78_01c04c10c11 k78_01c04c10 k78_01c04
[ REVIEW ] BOTH metallic casings above enhance iPhone’s own Gold AND Silver . and sleek they are, complimenting the thin device BUT because both are thin AND light : would only protect from modest fall, from deep dents would be passed onto the device’s surface, and did although you have to search for it with glasses . it is in a way scary to think of having metallic case ON metal phones, but do not scratch because no outer corners of the phone NOR inner part of the casing have any sharp points .. like skiing //

below : a cheap alternative from MomoKet are F07J metallic stickers I still have to try on the sides .. costing only W4,000
f07jc02 f07jc01

and while you are buying MomoKet, might as well get their rear-protective film K03 as they are seldom sold separately . I find these way-too thin (so, quite easy to attach) to protect anything but the slightest scratch perhaps from leaving your iPhone on a coffee table .