LG Electronic’s “Prada Phone” first released in South Korea June 2007  just prior to iPhone in the States, was the one to get for early adopters for it was known iPhone won’t make it to Korea . now its 2nd generation dubbed “Beauty Phone” comes in grey and black . LG-SH210 for SKT and LG-KH2100 for KTF carriers . does similar finger-tap rolling simulation (to a less extent) like Apple’s iPhone . one draw-back is that you have to open the back panel AND take out the battery to access the tiny MicroSD also known as TransFlash memory cards .


[ January 2009 update ] LG’s Prada phone series sold well in the beginning because SamSung’s counterpart of full-LCD bar-type phones began coming out in April 2008 even after the 2nd Prada Phone mentioned here . after which it was heyday for SamSung with their own series of soft, rounder ego-designs AND tactful marketing (especially in naming and celebrity ads). however this “Beauty Phone” originally produced in 2007, still retains its popularity over 2009 for its reasonable price of more-or-less W300,000, when newer SamSung’s 2nd & 3rd generation LCD phones cost over W800,000 in full-retail price !


[ end of March 2009 update ] it is amazing this LG model is still among the top 10 best selling list even after SamSung counter-attacked many times over with their Haptic series . but the KTF carrier dedicated model LG-KH2100 is much more popular because many other new models from various makers has been produced for SKT carrier . ofcourse the main reason would be its price now closing W100,000 mark (almost as cheap a cell phone can get in South Korea) for a year’s subscription . and to think you can join the new full-screen bar-type users (like the iPhone) much distinguished from the old oval shaped sliding-type cell phones !