2015 NEW YEARS Special : What You always wanted to know in choosing between smartphones in South Korea (but this is hardware device only, as You still have to choose between telecommunication carriers in SKT, KT or LG U Plus)

[ For Dummy’s Guide to the History and Shifting Trend of Cell Phones in South Korea ]

( EARLY 1990’s ) Telecommunication in South Korea began NOT with a “BANG !” but with a “beep” from pagers, which have come out of doctors pockets . as with simple circuitry : cheap models galore from neighboring China as well as domestically – where my ultimate was organically-curved, colorful Motorola’s .

( MID-1990’s) overtly black, flip-phones from Motorola was THE one to have and show-off among business men – where my joyful companion was none other than Qualcomm’s bar-type slide-up model 😉 this still remains my favourite even in the age of sleek iPhones and iPads ..

( LATE 1990’s ) Sanyo from neighboring Japan and local Sky had a short-lived popularity, on their whitish sleek-designed cell phones, quite thin with rounded corners !



it was the glorious age for SamSung Electronics’ AnyCall Brand cell phones, which began as compact flip-open types to migrate to slide-up, and even BlackBerry-type flat devices with tiny keyboards . similar South Korean conglomerate LG Electronics was their main competitor, but its weird key layout was clumsy compared to a simple SamSung’s .

SamSung introduced full-screen touch-sensitive LCD panels during the latter half of 2000’s, as the pre-cursor to the iPhone – all-the-while employing popular local stars to dance-up on their advertisements //

the only caveat during the age of SamSung’s dominance : was that they employed monopoly on internet web-likek content, songs and videos at quite an expensive price to be used on their cell phones, which dissipated as all-out FREE Android platform emerged with smart-phones right after iPhones .


♪ IN THE YEAR 2010 ♬

just up until the belated influx of iPhones in 3GS at the end of 2009 : SamSung’s AnyCall brand enjoyed out-right popularity with stylish advertisements – now gone full-screen aware of the coming smart-phone era ..

anticipated by iPod Touches (albeit : iPhone without the Phone) which landed earlier onto the Korean Peninsula : thrid generation iPhones were a big hit as to take almost 25% of cellular users in a small nation advancing technologically – wishfully at the speed of light .

LG Electronics whose flip and sliding cell phones during the past decade was handicapped with (almost random) weird layout of Korean characters : saw the light on the dawn of the age of smartphones – rightfully as crisp LCD was their strong-point along computer monitors . I as a conformed techno-kid can atest that once you’ve gotten used to LG’s LCD panels from smart-phones to monitors and television screens : there is no switching to other manufacturers .



– Korea Tech BLog on NEW YEARS 2015, to the tune of Time Passages by Al Stewart –