if You just returned from a long Christmas and New Years vacation : You’ve missed-out on ipTime’s latest top-of-the-Line wireless router’s early reservation discount of about W100,000 again as is when the first batch of their most expensive device rolls out . it is now selling as the most expensive ipTime router at W145,000 with credit card and accumulation point discounts .

exterior-wise You won’t be able to tell the difference between its predecessor A3004NS, to which this latest model will be now compared .
150109 ipTime A5004NS specs Eng1  150109 ipTime A5004NS specs Eng2  150109 ipTime A5004NS specs Eng3  150109 ipTime A5004NS specs Eng4
ipTime A3004NS  wireless router introduced last April 2014
and now selling for W115,000 at larger On-Line discount outlets

4-ports for regular RJ45 LAN connectors – Broadcom Cortex-A9 chipset – 800GHz CPU – 2.4/5GHz wireless frequencies from 5 5dBi power antenna via 802.11ac/n/g/b/a protocol at GigaByte (1Gb/s) speed – WOL wake-on-LAN support – NAS exteror disk connection – Jumbo Frame – WPS AC1600 QoS


  1. single-core CPU upgraded to dual,
  2. 128MB RAM increased to 256MB,
  3. 8MB Flash Memory increased to 32MB,
  4. A5004NS supports DLNA,

but above are hardware specification comparison only, and keeping-in-mind : Korean manufacturers rarely spend on R&R research and development, and instead pass onto early consumers the role of Guinea pig or beta tester umph ~ so be ready for some unbearably sensitive sleepless nights ..

even a popular company in this specific field, like ipTime is no exception as people don’t upgrade or buy a new router every other year so their profit is on the down-slope, and they had to come up with a superior ditto expensive model as Global brand-names in Asus, NetGear, D-Link and TP-Link were threatening their higher-end models . nerds and geeks were buying-up these foreign models even though they cost over twice the most expensive ipTime models .


  • A5004NS becomes a (recoverable) brick (i.e., goes dead) when trying to connect in USB 3.0 mode ⇒solved January 3 2015, by firmware version 9.36
  • LED lights much brighter than A3004NS, maybe too bright
  • no speed increase over A3004NS ..


so the verdict is : Not Yet, unless You’re a die-hard early-adopter

– Frozen, like last Winter’s Disney movie : Korea Tech BLog –