here comparing three small wireless devices used to extend your Wi-Fi boundaries and/or used it as a WireLess network card . ofcourse you can buy another WireLess router and use it to extend, but these small devices are meant to connect at the touch of a button, which the earlier two don’t easily though . so in the order of Official release dates from Left :
150711 ipTime AP-Extender(무선확장)811x290TimeNR

  • ipTime Extender2 WireLess AP Access Point with BroadCom BCM5356 introduced July 2013 W21,000
  • ipTime Multi WireLess AP Access Point with RealTek RTL8196D introduced December 2013 W33,000
  • ipTime Extender 11AC WireLess Extender with RealTek RTL8881A introduced June 2015 W32,000

as reviewed on this BLog, Extender2 is to simply relay WireLess signal further, while Multi AP does a couple more as its product name . but they rarely have done any, even through firmware updates : the buttons and web controls were a complicated disaster . manuals are rarely a tutorial to learn nor seek help, on routers so it really depends on how the setup is easily controlled through direct tickling . although all are quite cheap so you’re NOT losing money on these, but still NOT worth it at all .


on the contrary, ipTime seem to have redone the whole extension concept on this brand-new Extender 11AC . set-up is a snap and is the first of its genre to allow 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band at the same time . resulting signal is stronger also, so highly recommended especially as this don’t cost more than former try-outs . perhaps the only concern for the sensitive on the latest model : would be the use of RealTek chipset instead of BroadCom .

another caveat if you would call it : is the automatic button may not work at all, as there are so many combination of originating wireless router you may be using, plus the differing actual physical surrounding . then you will have to dig into manual setting which would require intermediate knowledge of network connection – none mentioned here as I have done enough on other related Posts and dedicated Pages, and Yes the manual is as useless as ever than to find out its default login address . here, if it doesn’t connect even when both the originating router AND this Extender is set-up correctly : changing Channels should solve it until demographics of wireless people in your building change .



( Beginning of Summer 2016 Update )

Plus version is introduced this Month – exactly a year from Extender 11AC above, but with only minor enhancement which is on its power . All else including exterior design is exactly the same //



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