Epidemic, the final phase before a virus becomes World-wide Pandemic .

these are the almighty and ambitious research centres around the Globe

its (previously years now) Months-long race (until funding lasts in this case of Capitalist Society)

to test viruses alien to the common man so-far

to seek new strains (and aggressive animal testing – no one complains when /their/ life is at stake) towards the ultimate of finding a working vaccine

to distribute to all nations until a new thread rises again, thus keep-on chopping live animals at wet markets to devour on-the-spot in manic belief it will make them healthier .

  1. MiGAL Galilee Research institute – Qiryat Shemona, israel – BioTechnology Group Leader Chen Katz
  2. Moderna Therapeutics – Cambridge, Massachusetts – Founder Noubar Afeyan
  3. NuGenerex immuno-Oncology / Generex Biotechnology – Toronto, Canada – Board of Directors Carol Nacy
  4. CEVi Convergence for Emerging Virus infection consists of 8 Korean government-supported research teams including Korea Resarch institute of Chemical Technology Director Mi Hae LEE
  5. University of Amsterdam – Department of Medical Microbiology – Research Team Leader Lia van der Hoek .

– Korea Tech BLog in desperate times, when the sole hope is the above