OR How to Choose a Selfie Pod Rod Stick for Your SmartPhone 101

At major tourist sites you see people with such rods, and more at amusement parks, plus the with the influx of photo-sharing apps like instagram : You are now living in the age of selfies or snapshots of your very selves at a time when most iPhones and smartphones are crisp enough, then some more than your compact digital camera . still due to camera focal lengths and angle : the perspective won’t be enough simply by stretching your hand holding the apparatus . And an extension pole being so cheap : there are wide-array of choices, so here-in assorting the most ideal combination and possibility :

  1. much like USB dongles, there are many manufacturers and models around the World due to its simple operation and cheap price, and distribution vary upon your geographical location and continent, so here-in listing those widely available in the Orient and South Korea .
  2. the most expensive ones over W40,000 are those that can be put apart, with separate holder, rod and remote control . but considering you would be mostly using it during travel, more-over for pleasure you won’t want parts that are cluttered, but everything built into one piece .
  3. although even professional tripod manufacturers for photographic equipment are joining the growingly-popular band-wagon : the last thing you may need is one that looks like a full-fledged tripod – heavy and bulky . light enough to carry anywhere, for you want to keep it just-in-case .
  4. most of common models you see around are pitch-black and ugly . so you want something bright for such fun endeavours, and more in color so that people won’t bump into it on crowded places .
  5. so many dirty-cheap models abound from China, but you would want at least an identifiable brand-name, or from a company that makes several models, for it has to be sturdy enough to hold your smartphone, and the rod extend and retract smoothly, yet secure .

selca10&11c640x820 selca4&5c800x960VijaR
Xiaomi BlueTooth Selfie Stick W13,000
holds maximum 750mm weighs 150g.and turns 270 degrees

after looking through a wide-array of models, this may the Best and wisest choice . as it comes from a ‘it’ Chinese company, has everything built into one, is light but sturdy enough, with an assortment of bright colors .

then you might want a couple of accessories :

vonjean SmartPhone holder VCM-W553G White W12,500
contains sizes 58 ~ 105mm weights 75g.and rotates 360 degrees on 250mm pole stretching to 720mm.

this is just-in-case you need a sturdy holder for more depenable work on controllable situations, such as when you want to place the holder on top on an existing tripod you have . but in essence : carry on around can be cumbersome, as you can simple lay your smartphone to lean on a shelf or nearby objects instead for quick snap-shots .
VCM-W553Gdec700x650 tera_selcalight_cur800x630VijaR tera_selcalight_db4cur800x400
Tera Selfie Light W13,000
38 x 38 x 10mm size weighs 14g.in either White, Pink or Black from Korean company made in China

the earphone plug is just for hold the flash in . and comes with a recharing cord compatible with Adroid smartphones . supposed to last for a whopping two hours . this is continuous light than instant flash . however it consists of 8 while and 8 yellow LED’s so your pictures will come out in warm over-tone . it has a tiny switch on the side to power ON for two brightness levels .


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