February and March is a big Season to purchase a computer as it is graduation time AND the beginning scholastic Semester in Asian countries . not that those who already have graduated also buy now, but many promotions and discounts abound . and as I am using more monitors for up-coming Raspberry Pi projects : more frugal to transfer older (larger) monitors to this than buy a new (small) one specifically for credit-sized micro computers – NOT that size matters much as price have become so affordable, and it comes down to thin and sleek design-conscious models which cost a bit more .

have listed here three LED monitors from each size group, all much popular that you won’t have trouble re-selling when the time comes . which also means you want to buy from a manufacturer lenient on possible dead pixels – less a problem although much less seen nowadays . all which are quite good buys and gladly paying a tad more for sleek-looking ones, as this is the computer part that you will be looking-at more than any other . but all use iPS or almost-equivalent panels, for once you have used it : never can go back to a normal one . that is why I have stuck to LG Electronics when-ever I can, even on laptops or notebooks, but how as a couple of other competitors offer them with much more post-modern design, here we go .

(below) 20″ JC Hyun UDEA LOOK 200 EXID ERROR-FREE introduced May 2015 W93,000
We live in a time when even the smaller 17, 19 or 20-inch models don’t get as cheap as this, especially from a dependable maker who will be around when something goes wrong on such delicate machine offering visual joy on a thin plate . design is a bit passe compared to others below, but has HDMi to connect to newer portables and main-frames :
JC Hyun UDEA LOOK 200 EXID ERROR-FREE01c730x650TrebMSR JC Hyun UDEA LOOK 200 EXID ERROR-FREE19c730x520 Alpha Scan AOC 2481 IPS Razor Flicker-FREE ERROR-FREE01c800x600TrebMSR Alpha Scan AOC 2481 IPS Razor Flicker-FREE ERROR-FREE19c800x460
(above) 24″ Alpha Scan AOC 2481 Razor Flicker-FREE ERROR-FREE introduced January 2016 W226,000
This is the epidome of style bordering on Apple territory while incredibly affordable . but if you prefer a more sturdy base : it gets even cheaper down to W170,000 mark on other Alpha Scan models and even from LG Electronics .

(below) 27″ Alpha Scan AOC 2777 IPS MHL DP ERROR-FREE introduced June 2014 W316,000
This is as good as it gets on design and price, but a slightly older model in black and not-as-thin-flat would save you down to the price of a 24-inch model on 2724 at an astonishing W235,000 .
Alpha Scan AOC 2777 IPS MHL+DP ERROR-FREE07c600x350TrebMSR Alpha Scan AOC 2777 IPS MHL+DP ERROR-FREE25c800x500 2016 NEW Years Alpha Scan Gift Box02c600x330
(above) Alpha Scan is having a 2016 NEW Years Event discount on their ADJ multi-purpose stand at W19,000 originally W50,000 from January 1 Saturday until February 29 Monday .



all-in-all, one crucial aspect you want to keep in mind, is the geographic location of a maker’s support center, when the time comes for repair . unless you live out in the suburbs (where you can rush by courier service by the next business day, as South Korea is a small Peninsula) you would want to buy from a manufacturer head-quarter where you can take it yourself, for you don’t want this large AND thin panel to get compromised while on freight //

JC Hyun HeadQuarter and Support is in Najin SangGa Building in YongSan, mapped on our YongSan Electronics Market Page on Top Menu, while Alpha Scan is located in GaYang on the way to GimPo Airport West of the Capital of SEOUL .


– waking-up from Lunar NEW Years 2016, Korea Tech BLog –