we all can sing-along We Are The World many time over, but the World as we know it is in reality : quite a divided place into groups of countries that use different shaped electric plug outlets . and so we must when travel time comes : fetch several plug converters for use in the destination country . ofcourse it becomes much simpler if you have to reside in a single country for a while : as a simple small converter about an inch would do, but here we are selecting those for multiple nations, thus a converter that will change its shape as you travel to different borders . here the most common is the bulky rectangular one quite heavy as to it will drag the plug down if an AC/DC adaptor is a one-piece version . hence as selection of smaller ones almost half the size of fore-mentioned bulky ones .

all prices are from ShinSeGae Department Store’s On-Line Store . ofcourse the price get dirty-cheap at smaller independent internet shops but better to order from a reputable outlet because the price don’t differ much on such cheap items and more of a hassle when something goes wrong requiring hustling for exchange and/or refund .
140219 SSG TravelEasy A05_Adapter_WP9C05
 140219 SSG TravelEasy A05_Adapter_WP9C03
first-off a simplest variety above : Travel Easy independent Adapter W6 W7,200

below : Victor Multi Adaptor one-piece type WAT W23,220
both by Victor Trading, China
Left green LED light ignites for 110Volts in Japan, Taiwan and North America
and Right red for 220Volts in Taiwan, China, Philippnes, etc.,
 140219 SSG 빅터 A08_Adapter_WAT01140219 SSG 빅터 A08_Adapter_WAT11


140219 SSG 20120704 GO Travel 여행용 아답터 USB01
last above : Go Travel Travel Adaptor USB W13,500
by WonPlug Electrical Co., Ltd., China
mix-and-matches like a set of fun building blocks to suit your need and location


– like the Ultra Patrol Team battle-craft from Japan’s classic Ultra-Seven, Korea Tech BLog –