the large Chinese router company began slowly landing on Korean shores early last year to make a hard-thrust into the ipTime-dominating market this Winter with their higher-end TL-WDR4300, and now Archer C7 AC1750 . they are promoting a special early reservation price of W99,000 (which is about the going rate at larger discount outlets abroad) from February 20 to 25th Tuesday noon, after which price may hike a W10,000 or two as did preceding TL-WDR4300 . so some vendors are adding installment payment options or even department store gift certificates 😉 under the hood : specifications look twice that of high-end ipTime but compatibility issues exist abroad somewhat with Macs, although Korean models will be version 2.0
140224 icoda [업체 예약발송]티피링크(TP-LINK) AC1750 Archer C7 듀얼밴드기가비트 유무선 공유기_5a

and until you get one : you can try their Archer C7 firmwar emulator :

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( March 1st Update ) as a sucker yearning to go faster and faster in one of the top-FIVE domestic internet connections in da Whole Wide World : aside from whining about detailed Korean manual missing, early local users report mixed results like dual band not working and/or uploads much faster .. but on my initial comparison with ipTime’s top-of-the-line A2004NS : coverage seems almost the same on both 2.4 and 5GHz although this one has internal 2.4GHz and external 5GHz antennas .. but quadruple the speed ?! ofcourse when there is such a speed-jump : you have to suspect stability .. and note their printer server would be capable on selective but most recent machines listed at :

I’d say the biggest difference is that you’re in Star Trek territory for the suddenly-large saucer-shaped flat black-glossy router is visually intruding . so I will keep this one for now if only for a drastic outer-design color-change from the constant-opaque-white ipTime, although I won’t have physical time or rather : readiness of healthy mind-set, for a few Months to implement serious network speed test -_-  this is a hot item everyone is talking about right next to high-end ipTime models, mostly due to promotions through the media, but think thirty times on purchasing anything from China – no racist nor bias towards specific country but simply is how is it currently, much alike Chinese-borne translators and guides of Korean descent who frequently scam Korean tourists – that would require constant support such as firmware updates and speedy consultation with exchange and/or repair options (also known as the Lenovo scare in South Korea currently). might get back with a full review when I get the time, for much busy for the next few Months -_- //


( End-of-March 2014 ) short of an extensiF user review into this glossy-cool black flying saucer : OK the 2.4GHz antennae is hidden inside while 5GHz extrudes massively, but the far reach-out range seem to be roughly double that of top-of-the-line ipTime wireless router A2004NS on 5GHz, and again double over on 2.4GHz . with maximum speed topping four-times on 2.4GHz and 8 on 5GHz but would safely say it is twice and quadruple respectively, as it is notoriously unstable (the speed and NOT the connection itself) as it is to be expected on such a range-and-speed jump //

  • currently selling at around the same price as their implied : early-reservation promotion price – but you then got almost W10,000 of quite-useable department store coupons 😉
  • also although I initially and frequently warn on refund, exchange and warranty  repair on Chinese products : their early service seem immaculate in view of gaining reputation over product-launch .
  • user groups are complaining of incompatibility with selective iPhones, iPads and Galaxy smart-phones as well as tablets, but I have no issues with my latest iPhone 5/5S and iPad Air ..
  • also the fact that C7’s own Chinese domestic model WDR7500 – with SIX antennae thus looking like an inverted spider – is superior to this export model