yes laptops has been getting wider users due to its affordability so much so that Windows 7 is said to have its users in mind . in Korea notebooks since the turn of the Millennium reflecting thinning AND lightness, the smaller than sub-notebooks : NetBooks – meaning to contain minimun specs for portability, to save main data wireless on-line – has been THE factor in Korea over 2008 . now more-so attractive are these small, rather cheap wonders when economy is hard around the World .

with news of 10″ Apple NetBook coming Summer or Fall, from sources said to be manufacturing parts in Taiwan : worldly fans are anticipating designs and specifications . but long before a special enthusiast has been drawing out prospected designs for Apple machines, very unoffically .


isamu Sanada is a photographer working out of his portrait studio in Toyota, Japan . his hobby is designing future apple products from iPods to iMacs, which he uploads to his new blog at . titled in Japanese of Chinese characters roughly translated ‘New Species Apple Laboratory’.

true to the meaning of a hobby, he does not seem to protect design rights, even following up on commenters ideas to further upload design revisions . comments are mostly posted by Japanese in Japanese but he seem to send his periodical designs to magazine editors and site administrators regularly .

some of his early designs look astonishing similar to a few real products eventually produced by Apple, but this is cleary unofficial territory . more interesting that he includes precise specifications including size and weight of his imagined models .


above fold-out design when closed : looks like the wallet style Sony VGN-P15L introduced here last month .


and this slide-out version was ‘inspired’ by a comment on his bLog 😉