Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II where is Felhammer Mine ?
Day 7
Aurelian Crusade

The True Enemy

“move towards Felhammer Mine”

midway through fourth or fifth mission in the single Campaign
North-West corner of the map immediately after capturing the Communications Array
(which is a bloody battle so gear up all abilities and flank attack)

suddenly all is quiet and ..
you might be caught with an arrow directing to the middle of nothing with directions to
“move towards Felhammer Mine“.

this is a mere game glitch or bug
(for the actual Felhammer Mine is North-East across the ravine
but there will be no one once you get there)

simply start over the mission
and at the same point now the arrow will direct correctly towards North-East 😉
(well, since you are here : might as well go across the bridge and check out the soul-less ravine
before the calamity of battles will edure once you re-start)

an update should come soon for there seem to be other minor glitches
because all halted a few missions after, and had to start over again .
I am using latest hardware with Windows XP SP3 with newer IE7 AND WMP 11 .


– now this AND Tom Clancy’s EndWar add up to fullful a perfect strategy simulation genre for Spring 2009 –