MacBook-like sleekness and light-weight previously could be had in SamSung laptop or rather notebooks BUT with hefty price of almost W2,000,000 . and during the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and Retina display frenzy of Fall 2012, HP introduces relatively affordable series of 2.1cm thick, 1.7kg weight laptop or notebooks mostly for under W1,000,000 . price listed are of larger On-Line malls WITH specific credit card discounts, which changes regularly :

HP Pavilion 15-B006TX introduced October 2012 W1,072,000
intel Core i5 3rd Generation 3317U 1.7GHz – LED backlight 15.6″ 1366 x 768 – 1TB 32GB Cache 8GB DDR3 – Windows 8 nVidia GForce GT630M 2GB – 100Mbps LAN 802.11n wireless BlueTooth 4.0 HDMi D-Sub webcam USB 2.0 3.0 multi-reader, numberic pad, block keyboard, 6 cell battery 38 x 24.4 x 2.07~2.1cm 1.78kg

a welcome trick to this series is its 32GB mSSD cache named HP Hybrid Storage Solution, speeding-up booting and storing large data 😉

HP is giving out dedicated bag and wireless mouse if you purchase earlier half of December until today AND register your product within this Year (update from HP Korea Official site : applicable to purchase from November until the end of 2012, and if you register by January 5th 2013) here’s the LIST of all the models AND presents .

HP Pavilion 15-B007TX introduced October 2012 W936,000
same as B006TX above except : 750GB HDD, 4GB RAM,

HP Pavilion 15-B006TU introduced October 2012 W873,000
same as B006TX above except : 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, HD 4000 system-shared graphics,


then a slightly different model below, with drastic price reduction BUT still lighter then the normal 2.4kg for 1.5″

HP Pavilion 15-B008TU introduced November 2012 W563,000
same as B006TX above except : 3217U 1.8GHz CPU, 500GB HDD with NO physical cache, 4GB RAM, NO OS without Windows, HD 4000 system-shared graphics, 4 cell battery 38.6 x 25.9 x 2.07~2.01cm 2.1kg 


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