*photos here-in are dramatic reconstruction of probable scenarios :
WHO World Health Organization representatives held their first Press Conference at Ministry of Health and Welfare in SeJong integrated Government Building this morning, on their investigation concerning MERS Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome Out-Break since their arrival in South Korea 5 days ago .


( First Response Failure due to )

  1. mal-Communication issues : to swiftly reveal transparent information,
  2. ineffective governence to control risk : brought initial confusion,
  3. failure to estimate epidemic spread scale : resulted in regional adminstration problems to mobilize resources,


( Paranoia )

  1. social confusion due to lack of information more critical than epidemic spread,
  2. active national as well as international communication needed to regain public trust,


( South Korea-specific cultural practice ) incited swift spread of disease :

  1. “medical shopping” of hopping around several hospitals, for the best cure and/or price
  2. crowded emergency rooms in hospitals, where if this cannot be avoided : should at least take precaution measures
  3. 6-person rooms in in-patient wards,
  4. kin closely caring for patients in hospitals,



( Caution and Out-Look )

  1. Strain does seem to be the same as previously known, and would have not mutated
  2. thus not thought to be air-borne spreading to regional society,
  3. but should prepare for many more patients effected from hospitals emerging,
  4. due to large and complicated situation : will take several Weeks for solutions to have effect,


( Merit )

  1. South Korean authorities’ ability to contain ensuing attacks : have strengthened since and impressive,
  2. its efforts to grasp the effected and their contacts is broad and concentrated, hence is quite strong compared to other countries,



*following the Press Conference it was known CheolSoo Ahn – with roots in medicine also, founder of South Korea’s computer virus company since 1995 and currently National Assemblyman was denied entry into this event, with authorities quoting WHO representatives asked only media personnel be allowed . he has since expressed his dissappointment on the content of the briefing .

Current WHO Assessment Team consists of 16 specialists, of which 8 are detached from WHO World Health Organization Head-Quarters

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