What happened ? There was the industry-breaking trilogy . then there was the pre-quel-logy . but did he get tired to do the post-quel-logy set or just got too old ? suckers art thou die-hard fans .

so in this material world : First there was a detached human limb wondering through the universe, space the final frontier . then followed endless-seeming mouse-bit-cheesey clips of its new story-line every other Month – trying to form a massive zig-saw puzzle almost like contemplating the largest Lego star-destroyer block .

They returned the now-old original stars to link with its original master-piece and found new star-lings to-be, to make this new business going presumably for-ever and ever .


SONY DSCthe new-found premise was that the al-mighty light-sabre was found on a desert planet, by a nerdy teen-girl – which then sends-out beeping signals of operation . to which the descendants of the evil empire send a task force to retrieve it . but there is one young righteous lad among them, who in joining The Force with her, accidentally meets-up with the lost crew of the fastest rogue fighter space-ship, in turn venture to seek-out the original action-hero .

old age is at the center of this endeavour : as Harrison Ford jumps out with a flash-gun as if to over-take a retire-ment home, and Mark Hamill is silently looking-out from afar with his Jedi cape covering his mustache and all – almost like the old Obi-Wan-Kenobi when the first of this great movie came-out //



Thus the final question : would going to a new amusement park Oh, I mean science fiction franchise be as good as watching a sci-fi classic over, and over again ? but then, I am practicing to draw again with Apple Pencil that its company founder implied will never, ever exist : on a bloated iPad Pro – its immense size resembling an imperial Star-Destroyer and just reserved two viewing options on the imminent Disney’s Force Awakens duh – Korea Tech BLog

( Post-Script D-1 December 16 Wednesday ) more trailers have been gushing-out that we now have a general idea of the sequence of the Disney trial . We owe much to Oriental counter-parts especially marketing departments of the movie in neighboring Japan and China : as they provided totally different scenes than shown on Western version teasers and trailers .