A great movie to watch when you are stuck in the middle of the unknown : such as Wondering whether to watch the Disney-turned Star Wars in the most comfortable-thus expensive-surrounding as its original creator have opted, or dare challenge to squeeze upon a seat on the most hi-tech effects and moving-chairs on Earth, in sheer belief that the saga would continue no-matter its owners, creators and players ? a movie that cast past-and-future together with a single string of pure Love ? better-yet, a movie not quite known : thus it is easily down-loadable, but only available in DVD instead of Blu-Ray ? more-over a movie with a series of differing title, as it has been planned for more than twenty years ! AND its formal release year ( needed to search On-Line as well as on catalog) is not quite set, as it actually hasn’t been ? to get a quick general idea : put together Titanic 1997 (sea-faring drama), The Fountain 2006(time-less love) and Veer 2010 (British rule in india)
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The Future : Year 2020 Australia – a scientific vessel of young marine archeologists, deep-dive into Great Barrier Reef to investigate a British colonial merchant ship . a greedy endeavour to recover an antique ring ensue, when its team-leader loose his breath and fall into a coma . what follows may be a part of his dream, his unconscious re-collection of past events in a previous life, or even actually what may be happening now at another possible time-space continuum all-together simultaneously ..

The Past : Year 1778 india – British army with East india Company step-in where local kings are fighting over their palace in Pune . here a beautiful Marathan warrior is guardian to her Queen, who in appreciation presents her a historical two rings-in-one called The Lovers, which her old prophet told her about . the wise prophet also confided onto her : her future which will come true as it is set .
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in the middle of this multi-cultural politics, is a righteous young colonial Officer loyal to the King, and only the King of England and his interests . while in a common mission : the differing-two fall in Love, and she gives one-part of the matching rings to him . but to live happily ever-after, is made-up in Disney animation and movies . our lone-heroe is eventually assassinated in a faked love-trap, for the benefit of both parties or rather powers involved .

Fast-Forward back-to-the-future in Boston hospital : The beautiful wife and co-worker manages to retrieve one part of the ring from the sunken ship wreckage, puts it onto him but nothing changes . so is considering putting his coma to an end, when a current future-version of the female-warrior hand-her the other twin-ring . he awakens after having this too put-on his fingers, where the two rings become one . so another title of this movie could well have been : Lord of the Rings ..

[ Go-Go acting, scenes and effects ]
  • super-realistic diving equipment scenes similar to James Cameron’s Titanic
  • impressive Scottish accent by lead actor Josh Hartnett
  • important entity of Love truly put into effect, as the latter couple is actually married in real-life //
[ Flaws ] several inconsistencies co-exist, but you cannot help but give credit to its beautiful back-grounds and after-all it is about time-less Love :

  1. like in the Lord of the Rings trilogy : the ring itself does not fit-in with under-lying story-line
  2. How could the latter-day future character be looking for the very ring, that killed-him in his previous life ? co-incidence put to the limits ?
  3. no romance is overtly visible between the two characters in history, but perhaps because life itself was rough in Colonial india ?


” A hard pattern, You may say, This path of Love . But How, Child, Could it be other-wise ?”- Korea Tech BLog