Official release of the supposedly-ended double-Triology revived by its SALE from George Lucas to Disney is TWO Weeks from today on December 17 Thursday 2015 . South Korea toppled as the mighty nation with the FASTEST internet connection on Planet Earth as of this year 2015 : is in a state that movie-goers now preview, reserve seats, purchase tickets and carry it on their smart-phone or iPhone .

There are largely three movie theatre chains to choose from around the Korean Peninsula, all run by conglomerate groups :

  1. CGV leads the World in technology in trying to bring the largest AND/OR liveliest experience that it is now comparable to Universal Studio Tours or Disneyland Attractions ! their choice of movie halls are state-of-the-art, be it 3-4-5-6-Dimension and movement, sound or what-ever the Next Generation dare bring to-mind // that said : all other theatres around Korea are incomparable, and perhaps a dozen or so around the Whole-Wide-World (www) worthy of competition .
  2. Lotte Cinema mostly takes place atop their many nation-wide department stores throughout South Korea . their only accent would probably be their most expensive class with lounge-seats, which competiting CGV ofcourse has too . so this is the place for dating amid shopping .
  3. MegaBox is a totally different sort of movie theatre chains, as they are mostly refurbished older movie halls and smaller regional theatres . so this would be the most convenient if you are not living around Metropolitan SEOUL .


Earliest Reservation for the revived Star Wars series began today at MegaBox, opening a day early on release eve December 16 Wednesday . but they are only offering the most basic viewing version in Digital 2-D . but you can reserve anyways, as canceling is a snap on On-Line as well as smart-phone or iPhone app versions of all three movie theatre chains above .

CGV only has a dummie listing just too state out-right reservation is about to begin, and usually they start opening normal viewing such as digital 2-D, then will begin taking reservation on the more hard-core SoundX, iMax and 4DX . so you usually have to go through the ritual of reserving, canceling and re-reserving before a real block-buster is about to be released //


( December 7 Monday ) MegaBox is continuing to increase the number of theatre branches to show Star Wars Episode Vii The Force Awakens, and Lotte Cinema has begun to take reservation from today on a few theatres . but Ho-Ho-Ho shame on them they are all normal 2D viewing, while the most technical option so-far in their ATMOS 2D sound is offered ONLY at their new branch at The Tower of Babel still in construction building upwards until God will deem man-kind has come too-close up to the Heavens, being able to communicate with each-other World-Wide . No, actually the site is where many locals dare to go, as conspiracy theories abound the to-be-tallest building on the Korean Peninsula is built on top of watery ground where the artificial lake (made from the Han River again just beside) beside it is being sucked even now . Master Yoda would pity “morally-wrong this endeavour is : to try to cash-in on a maiden Disney film, in such a dangerous manner..”

the epidome of motion picture viewing at its best : CGV also opened-up reservation today, but again nothing of surround-sound NOR special effect sorts . so get ready to push the reserve button when they do all come-up, although I might only want to watch this first Disney trial of the greatest science fiction movie, in perhaps the most comfortable physical surrounding possible – like that of an upper-level Business Class on another technological wonder plane : A380 !



( D-6 December 11 Friday Evening ) the new director and fresh starlings of the Disney-turned Episode came to the Capital of SEOUL for a press conference event and all Yesterday . that’s the makers and players, while the retailers : our darling movie theatres like to play games, or have you play musical-chairs . MegaBox keep slowly increasing their number of theatres to play the up-coming Force Rises (actually all the brand-name theatres mentioned here are opening-up from distant suburbs), while Lotte wants to hang this largest block-buster up for their un-veiling of some of their largest viewing halls deep in the Tower of Babel – still ever going-up and up . just hope (another meaningful Star Wars word) this doesn’t become the most tragic entertainment site like, you think its full-motion special effect, but the whole tower is actually sinking-fast //

all the while : our favourite high-tech CGV began listing iMAX 3D from ULSan afar, at South-East shores of the Korean Peninsula . so all the wizardry halls and special-effects seats should be open for reservation any time now : May the Force – what-ever they re-cycle it to be in Disney hands, be With You .


( D-5 November 12 Saturday Night ) so it has begun : most of special effects hall and seats began to reserve after dinner at CGV (including their special-effects 4DX) and MegaBox (noteably their first-class Boutique M), while Lotte Cinema is still holding-on to their ATMOS 2D and 3D in the treacherous Tower of Babel only . pity, as they now have some viewing that is coming to rival that of CGV, such as 4D – I say most : as their-own top-notch viewing halls are still “under preparation” mode (CGV and Lotte Cinema, as MegaBox has not that many to use-up, or hold-back). center-seats are already gone on most of the cutting-edge halls after business working hours .

I will note that a couple viewing are held the day or rather night before actual release date of November 17 Thursday : as individual events where tickets are drawn, or near-midnght viewing so the movie will end well into the night . currently CGV YeongDeungPo (SEOUL-West) Starium and CheonHo (SEOUL-East) iMAX 3D are showing at 11pm but most centers seats are long-gone //


( D-2 or D-1 as some theatres are taking-in from tomorrow ) And the Gates of Heaven opened, as virtually all types of viewing halls are available for reservation from this morning, across all three major movie theatre chains across the Korean Peninsula . so re-arrange your Life and current reservations and see you on the other side of the Galaxy to find whose is the Light Sabre that was lost-and-found, as well as Where is Luke ?

( D-1 December 16 Wednesday night ) I am sweating playing musical chairs on movie apps on my two smart-phones, juggling for better seats as some become available as other do the same for their schedule . but perhaps this Disney version has lost its lustre and none of the initial theatres are sold-out, but mostly center-spots gone on before-and-after business hours on Week Days as well as on Weekends . this is despite fairly obvious marketing going-on, like a big Merry Christmas Star Wars banner on the huge walls of ShinSeGae Department Store Main Branch at dead-centre of SEOUL, plus the same catch-phrases on their paper shopping bags . any-how this is going to be a long~ night //


  • 15.12.12 CGV vs Lotte Cinema vs MegaBox threatres special effects hall comparison ≫LiNK


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