in the midst of MERS-scare on the Peninsula, where citizens refrain from going to where people usually gather .. like movie theatres : the best central seats are still taken, even at the posh CGV Gold Class halls on Opening Week – but far from fully sold-out ofcourse . but dinosaur movies open-up a whole NEW World when you yourself may be in REAL pandemic course like, it all (Dear Velociraptor, indominus Rex and the whole chaotic situation) feels so~ ALIVE . at the same time : you now realize how fortunate it is to be able to actually SEE something that is treaterous .


although the cast is B-Movie and story interestingly fun, special effect is quite realistic and I would have liked to watched this in Techno Korea’s epidomic simulation : 4DX SoundX proudly offered by CGV, duh

( Epilogue ) in comparing this fantasy movie to the current Korean MERS Break-Out : I would say the role of the boss’ assistant and baby-sitter to her cousins is critical – for most happenings may have been able to have a better turn if the jobs were approached loyally and professionally .
( July 11 Saturday Update ) as the MERS scare in South Korea seem to be about to be contained : watchable TS telesync versions have come out from zillions of similar CAM copies . still not yet fully safe to yonder onto movie theatre where people gather, and have passed GrandPa Terminator Genisys due to repeating story now adding a zig-zap time-lapse complication : will perhaps go out for the next Mission impossible installation //

– One Million Years 1966, Korea Tech BLog –